Insect proof record of laminate floor

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In the recent period of time, it is a good time to decorate the house. When people decorate the floor, they usually choose laminate flooring, and some people even choose solid wood composite flooring. When laying the floor, we can do a good job of insect prevention in the process of laying

the laminate floor or solid wood composite floor purchased has reached the means of eliminating moths through various processes when it is made in the factory, but the floor can be laid only when the keel is installed, and the material used in the keel is not treated with high temperature, so this will cause the erosion of moths after a long time or damp, Then we can put an appropriate amount of pepper and pepper noodles under the floor at this time, so that we can prevent moths

although we have achieved the insect prevention process when laying, it is still easy to miss some scope. What we need to do is to choose that the surface paint is flat and the surrounding is evenly coated when choosing the laminate floor, so that the air of the laminate floor cannot enter the floor, In this way, although there are no moths killed in the production process, the floor can also play an insect prevention role by painting




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