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On March 23, as a leading brand in China's overall soft clothing industry, ruyushui soft clothing boutique held a 2019 (spring) new product launch at the brand headquarters. Many mainstream media have followed and reported on the scene

flowers bloom in spring and the breeze is warm. On March 23, in beautiful Hangzhou, as the leading brand in China's overall soft clothing industry, ruyushui soft clothing boutique held a 2019 (spring) new product launch at the brand headquarters. Many mainstream media have followed and reported on the scene

Ruyu Deshui adheres to the original intention of "making people all over the world love to go home". This spring, more than 30 original new curtains were launched. Some curtain styles have up to 28 colors to match. In addition to the mainstream fashionable light luxury style, French style, new Chinese style and European style, there are also the latest popular French mix and match new Chinese style this year. The curtain of this new product is mainly made of high-precision jacquard fabric with dark texture, and the exquisite suit making technology is still introduced, from board cutting, to straight stitch, needle code spacing, to splicing technology, side treatment The production standard reached 313 pieces, and the curtain boutique was perfectly interpreted with suit technology! At the beginning of this season, in order to pursue simplicity, many new products pay more attention to quality and sense of design, highlight the sense of culture and high taste, not only plain, but also make the overall design full of charm and aura

wall fabric boutique series, such as fish and water, has released 6 versions, a total of 212 pieces, all of which are yarn dyed jacquard technology (using high-precision mesh weaving technology), with stronger antifouling performance, poor hanging resistance, waterproof, and stronger texture than ordinary precision wall fabrics after being put on the wall. The wall cloth with the same price in the market basically adopts hexadecimal color transition technology, while the new wall cloth products like fish in water all adopt hexadecimal color transition, with richer colors and more realistic patterns. The style is dominated by the current popular modern, light luxury and minimalism

since 1996, Ruyu Deshui has been adhering to the original, and the four R & D studios have created high-quality products of the industry fashion trend, and the products are more in line with the market demand. Different people can find ideal household goods here, including the Victorian style of literature and art, the lazy and pleasant American pastoral style, and the interesting children's style. For example, the childlike innocence [Angel Baby] and the urban flavor [Eiffel mystery] shown in the following figure

[Baby Angel] pure diving blue with Empire yellow with high lightness and purity adds a warm tone on the basis of blue tone, balancing the color of space. The warm sun and twinkling stars are full of childlike colors. Baby Angels create innocent childhood for babies

[Eiffel mystery] a building records a city and epitomizes an era. From the magnificent dawn of the palace of Versailles to the new city of Paris shining under the sunset, the Eiffel Tower overlooks the numerous and bright streets of Paris. The designer uses bright and simple lines to increase the three-dimensional sense of space and move the dream of France into real life

adhering to the concept of "making soft clothes wholeheartedly and providing services wholeheartedly", exclusive customization, suit technology and environmental protection quality - real good curtains have always been synonymous with being like a duck to water in the market. Years ago, after several rounds of evaluation, Netease home was rated as the "2018 Netease real estate and home furnishing champion list habitat ten-year ingenuity brand". Netease media and its representative Cui Yaling, general manager Cui, came to the scene and presented Netease's annual honorary trophy to ruyushui. Duanjuanjuan, head of brand promotion department of ruyushui, said that ruyushui will continue to maintain ingenuity and provide more and better services to consumers

at the climax of the press conference, diamond level coffee, platinum level coffee and emerald level coffee were awarded honorary trophies and cash awards by President Li, the head of marketing promotion, President Zhou, the head of East China region, and President Gong, the head of North China region

the 2018 diamond class masters of ruyushui: Zhang Dingcheng, a Rugao store, Wang Lin, a Hefei store, Wu Meiqin, a Hai'an store, Chen Lijun, a Ningbo store, Binhai gaoyufeng, a Tianjin store, and Wang Min, a Xuzhou store

the 2018 platinum class masters of ruyushui: Mu Chunyan, a Chifeng store, Liu Qiuyan, a Chaoyang store, Jia Dongjun, a Luoyang store, Liu Yongqiang, an Ordos store, Qi Yan, a Jinan store Tianjin Hexi specialty store ding Xiuyan

jade star of 2018 like fish in water: liuhuayan in Panzhihua specialty store, Geng Qiuyu in Yinchuan specialty store, sun kuanfen in Xinghua specialty store, Lu Huanyu in Zhenjiang specialty store, man Zhigang in Urumqi specialty store, Li wanhu in Baoding specialty store

finally, President Li, the person in charge of marketing promotion, delivered a speech to share the actions of the enterprise in 2019 with dealers, as well as the strong support for store training and sales. It can be said that ruyushui provides a high-quality and complete service platform for the soft clothing market, meets the service needs of modern consumers for "one-stop soft clothing shopping" and "personalized customization", and also provides a solid backing for dealers, making soft clothing sales easier. Like fish in water 2019 (spring) new product launch, a successful conclusion





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