Yellow collocation presents a modern simple home s

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Pairs of touch

matching elements: wall mounted bathroom cabinet, iron basket, classical wall lamp

simple geometric small bathroom

matching elements: parquet tiles, cartoon decorative paintings

in order to maintain the refreshing feeling of blue and white, you can partition the bathroom with geometric patterns of different sizes. Floor tiles are laid in the way of patchwork to make the white ground more three-dimensional. The shower part is decorated with a straight line made of square tiles diagonally, which not only echoes the ground, but also does not damage the overall tone. At the same time, the transparent shower area is clearly marked

bathroom is also rural

matching elements: Floral cloth shower curtains, cloth laundry baskets, green plants

blue sky, green space, loess, a scene of prosperity in nature, and it is also warm to use them in the bathroom. Coupled with a few dark purple dried flowers and shower curtains and curtains with flower patterns, it is more elegant and chic. Even the floor mats can be replaced with pastoral cotton mats, and the green base is dotted with red dots, It's like a bud in the bud


matching elements for lovely women: lattice wallpaper, cartoon bath supplies, white bathroom cabinet

the checkered pattern composed of pink and yellow is not only a girl's favorite, but also with a strong British style. You can choose this kind of waterproof wallpaper to enhance the loveliness of the bathroom, and even put all kinds of cartoon soap boxes and bath bottles on the table. But don't choose the bathroom cabinet with too heavy color, and the white one is just right





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