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Due to various reasons, many quality problems will be caused in the installation process of the set door. Now, the precautions in the installation process of the set door and the common quality problems caused by the attitude of the installer and other factors, what aspects do we need to pay attention to in the installation process

1. In addition to fixing the door cover with the wall by the walking head, wooden bricks or iron nails should be nailed on the outside of the vertical edge of the cover. The wooden bricks should be trapezoidal. When laying bricks, they should be embedded into the wall to make the cover more stable and firm, so as not to shake the door and window cover because of the opening of the door and window leaves. Generally, when the height of the sleeve is more than 2 meters, 3 pieces are buried on each side; When it is less than 2 meters, two are buried on each side

2. Where the door and window cover of the set contacts the masonry surface, it must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, coated with anti-corrosion oil, and nailed with cold proof felt on the door and window cover of the external wall. The purpose of applying anticorrosive oil is to prevent the side of the door and window cover in contact with the brick wall from being affected by moisture and decay. When standing on the cover, draw the center line of each door and window on the wall according to the plane position of the door and window shown in the construction plan, and then divide the ink line of the width of the door and window cover. Set up the door and window cover according to the line, and pull it indoors with a pull rod. One end of the pull rod is nailed to the wooden pile on the floor, and the concrete floor is nailed to the wooden board pressed firmly with bricks. After the door and window cover is leveled, the lower part should be pressed with bricks

3. Each installation worker should not only protect his own products, but also protect other products on site, and be responsible for himself and others. If the installation worker causes damage to others' products during installation and the other party demands compensation, the installation team leader shall bear the corresponding responsibility

in addition, the home installation door should choose the finished set door as much as possible, because the finished set door is processed in the factory, so the shape is more, while the shape made on site is relatively single. In addition, the construction process of on-site paint can not achieve the effect of dust-free workshop, and the finished set door adopts the relatively high-temperature painting process, which has high brightness, no dust, particles, and good effect. Therefore, the owner tries to choose the finished set door when decorating





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