Hottest February 27 China Plastics spot PVC market

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On February 27, China Plastics spot PVC market brief

China Plastics price index fell 0.51 points to 1267.1 points; China Plastics spot index rose 0.37 points to 1244.41 ③, holding the sample point. 1、 Upstream express:

WTI crude oil on the New York commodity futures exchange closed at $100.88/barrel, up $1.65/barrel from the previous trading day; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil closed at $99.47/barrel, up $1.78/barrel from the previous trading day

the latest quotation of ethylene in Asia was basically stable, with CFR Northeast Asia dollar/ton and CFR Southeast Asia dollar/ton, down $10/ton. 2、 Manufacturer's news:

Henan Shenma PVC device has normal production and stable price. The ex factory price in the province is 7500 yuan/ton, and the shipment is stable

Shandong Bohui PVC production is normal, the quotation is still stable, the warehouse menu prompt is not much, the sales are stable, the ex factory price of type 5 material in the province is 7600 yuan/ton, and the factory operation is still low, with a daily output of about 150 tons

Hebei Baoshuo PVC production is normal, and the quotation is temporarily stable. The ex factory quotation of type 5 is 7600 yuan/ton, and the quotation for export to the East China market is about 7700 yuan/ton. The actual transaction is slightly preferential

after the overhaul of Shouguang Xinlong PVC device, the construction has not been resumed. At present, the construction is about 50%. There is not much supply, mainly for old customers, and there is still no external quotation. The manufacturer said that the downstream demand in Shandong Province is also poor recently. 3、 Market situation:

yesterday, the domestic PVC market price was strong and the transaction was stable. Recently, the arrival of goods in South China has increased significantly. Due to the shortage of local power, the downstream demand has resumed to be limited, and the market is slightly oversupplied. The traders' mentality has begun to waver, and the market has a periodic peak signal, but the mainstream price of the market has not changed significantly. The mainstream price of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton, and the ethylene material is more than 8000. 2. There are still not many fixtures with small experimental power in the East China market. The high market price is strong, traders operate cautiously, and the market transaction is stable. The mainstream of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton. Some manufacturers in the northern market still have upward adjustment measures, but the range and intensity are much smaller than that in the early stage. The market price is stable. The mainstream price of ordinary electric stone is about 7600 yuan/ton, and the Qilu high model of ethylene material is 790. Now let's learn about the operation method of pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine 0 yuan/ton

the PVC market in Hangzhou is stable. Goods have arrived in the market one after another, but they are not concentrated. The price is high and consolidated. The price of ordinary electric stone is yuan/ton, and the transaction is stable. Traders pay close attention to the recent arrival. Since the demand has not been significantly followed up, market participants also have some concerns about the later stage

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