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On May, Wu peiguo, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Sinomach group, general manager, Wang Weiyan, deputy secretary of the Party committee in case of oil leakage, Zou Xuesong, deputy general manager, and Kong Luoyuan, external directors Yan Linjiao and his party of 6 investigated Changzhou base

leaders and external directors of Sinomach group investigated Changzhou base

leaders and external directors of the group visited the production site and expressed their appreciation for the tense and busy scene of the production site. Changlin company and Guozhong Changkuang reported the business situation this year and the main work arrangements for the next step respectively

Chairman Wu made instructions and requirements for Changzhou base in terms of unified thinking, coordinated resources, overall consideration of the long-term development of the base, and support for the relevant work of the group company. At the same time, "the external directors put forward constructive suggestions on accelerating the development of Changzhou base and making every effort to turn losses around."

the main person in charge of Changzhou base said that the opinions of the external directors of the group company must be implemented. The construction of micro extrusion medical catheter can solve many problems caused by the needs of minimally invasive surgery and miniaturization of instruments, and the requirements of Chairman Wu's instructions. Efforts should be made to carry out various work, so as to lay a solid foundation for the three-year turnaround and the long-term development of Changzhou base

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