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Leading Shenzhen to radiate South China and realize the leapfrog development of industrial robot industry

a series of data can prove the industrial status of industrial robots in Bao'an District. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 350 industrial robot enterprises in Shenzhen at present, including about 130 industrial robot enterprises in Bao'an District, accounting for 37 of the total in the city 14%, ranking first in the city. In 2016, the total output value of Baoan industrial robot industry was 221 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of 13% over 2015 41%, accounting for about 40% of the city. In 2017, the total output value of the industry reached 287 8.4 billion yuan, achieving an annual growth rate of 30 16%。

Bao'an District is a large industrial and manufacturing area in Shenzhen, where many industries have increased their demand for metallic copper, and has a deep manufacturing industry foundation. In August 2016, with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Office for quality improvement, Bao'an District officially launched the preparatory work for the "Guangdong industrial robot industry famous brand demonstration zone". Over the past two years, Bao'an District has successfully completed the task of establishing the demonstration zone

a implement brand strategy

benchmarking enterprises boost the quality improvement of the demonstration area

according to the requirements of strengthening provincial quality and combining the actual situation of Bao'an District, Bao'an District puts forward the goal and task of establishing a well-known brand demonstration area in Guangdong's industrial robot industry: establish a model, innovate the working mechanism of brand construction, establish a perfect service system and a sound supervision system, and build a long-term mechanism and a good environment conducive to brand construction, Improve the brand influence and core competitiveness of Bao'an industrial robots

in the process of establishing the demonstration area, Bao'an District paid attention to the construction of regional brand culture, established benchmark enterprises, played the main role of enterprise brand construction, increased brand publicity, and achieved fruitful results in brand construction. Bao'an District selected 6 enterprises, including Zhongyuan Zhiren, Shichun, YANGSEN, hengtuogao, Hongbai, lianshuo, which have strong innovation ability, master core key technologies, good business conditions and play a major role in driving the industry, as the backbone enterprises of the demonstration zone

the demonstration area has formed a number of well-known brands with core technology, independent intellectual property rights and strong competitiveness. In 2013, Shenzhen Rongde Robot Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of "Guangdong famous brand". In 2015, Shenzhen Chuangshi Machinery Co., Ltd. won the title of "Guangdong famous trademark". In 2016, Shenzhen lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. won the title of "Guangdong famous trademark". In 2017, Shenzhen Janssen industrial robot Co., Ltd. won the title of "Guangdong famous brand"

in the process of building a brand, Bao'an District has actively carried out quality improvement activities, explored the construction of a comprehensive quality assessment index system, strengthened the supervision of import and export products, implemented the anti-counterfeiting system, promoted advanced quality methods, built a perfect quality integrity system, and promoted the overall improvement of the industrial quality of Bao'an industrial robot

at the same time, Bao'an District explored the establishment of a quality integrity system, launched the "blacklist" system and rectification and withdrawal mechanism for the production enterprises of Bao'an District to create a well-known brand demonstration area in Guangdong industrial robot industry ", and guided enterprises to establish management systems, manuals, archives, etc. for the easy combination of quality integrity and polymer mortar when posting, so as to consolidate the foundation of brand construction. The "Baoan District Industrial Robot quality information credit service platform" has been developed to provide basic information guarantee for product quality traceability and the construction of product quality integrity system. At present, 72 Baoan industrial robot enterprises have imported quality credit information

according to the assessment requirements of "strengthening the city with quality" in Shenzhen, the construction of Baoan industrial robot demonstration area was included in the assessment of strengthening the city with quality in 2017, and Baoan District ranked first in all districts of the city

b industrial scale growth

accelerated industrial agglomeration

the industrial robot industry in Bao'an District is developing rapidly, of which 14 enterprises such as Han Zu, Jintuo, lianshuo, xuanshuo and Zhixin have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, forming the first tier of the industrial robot industry in Bao'an District. At present, Baoan industrial robot products have been sold to more than 20 countries around the world, and the export delivery value has increased from 15 in 2016 2.3 billion yuan rose to 26 in 2017 0.8 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of sales output value respectively gb/t 3098.12 ⑴ 996 mechanical properties of fasteners, and the conical guaranteed load test of nuts is 7.50% and 9.45%

Zhongyuan Zhiren Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on providing integrated solutions for industrial robot systems. "After the establishment of the demonstration area, our company has developed rapidly." According to the relevant person in charge of the company, at present, the company has a manufacturing base of more than 7000 square meters in Shenzhen, including a 6000 square meter intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory in Bao'an Fuyong Tangwei high tech Zone, which specializes in the production and testing of new display oled&tft; Songgang branch of Taohuayuan science and technology innovation park in Bao'an has a self purchase R & D base and an intelligent industrial robot system integration customer experience center. The main products that have been developed include more than ten kinds of products, such as sheet image detection robot, coil image detection robot, image assembly detection robot, special-shaped plug-in robot, laser selective soldering double arm robot, etc. Many indicators of the company have reached the industry-leading international level, and won the first prize of Guangdong Provincial Scientific and technological progress award in 2015 and the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award in 2016

Shenzhen Shichun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating fluid application research and development, production, sales and service. The company's products include dispensing machine, glue filling machine, glue spraying machine, glue applicator and other fluid application peripheral and industrial robot integrated applications. After years of development, Shichun intelligence has become a leading enterprise in the fluid application industry and has successfully landed in the capital market. The company and its subsidiaries have 42 patents, 22 software copyrights and 4 software product registration certificates. In 2017, the first batch of backbone enterprises selected into the well-known brand demonstration zone of Guangdong industrial robot industry has brought significant brand demonstration effect to the company. In 2018, the company successfully introduced the implementation project of excellent performance management standards, and the company has stepped up to a new level of further standardization and scale of operation. The relevant person in charge of the company said: the establishment of the demonstration zone will improve the reputation of Bao'an robot industry and accelerate the development of enterprises

after two years of establishment, the industrial robot industry in Bao'an District has shown a good development trend of steady growth in industrial scale and accelerated industrial agglomeration

industrial benefits have increased steadily. In 2017, the total output value of industrial robots in Bao'an District was 28.784 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over 2016 16%, and the tax paid was 1.183 billion yuan, an increase of 20 over 2016 17%。 Many enterprises have embarked on the road of creating brands and increasing benefits. According to statistics, the market share of industrial robots in Bao'an District reached 9.72% in 2017, which has increased steadily compared with the previous two years. The market competitiveness of industrial robot enterprises in Bao'an District has been gradually enhanced and the market share has been expanding

the effect of industrial agglomeration is obvious. Bao'an District promotes industrial agglomeration by focusing on COFCO (Fu'an has a high hardness) robot intelligent manufacturing industrial park and Quanzhi scientific and Technological Innovation Park, and expanding the park with Xiwan intelligent equipment innovation park, Sino German cooperation Industrial Park, country garden robot industrial park, etc. At the same time, Bao'an District continues to promote the depth and breadth of robot development and build an industrial chain system with unique advantages

the independent innovation ability of the industry is enhanced. Bao'an District is the main area of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the innovation ecosystem is improving day by day. In 2015, Bao'an District established the robot industry technology innovation alliance, which brings together robot enterprises and scientific research institutions, financial capital, industrial incubators, etc., effectively centralizes scattered resources and needs on the industrial chain, and builds a collaborative innovation exchange platform. At the same time, industrial robot enterprises in Bao'an District attach great importance to independent innovation and product research and development as a whole. At present, the R & D personnel of industrial robot enterprises in Bao'an District account for about 26% of the total employees 77%, of which the R & D personnel of lianshuo, shenkete and other enterprises account for more than 60%. In 2015, the "complete set of auto body stud welding automation equipment" developed by Shenzhen Hongbai Technology Industry Co., Ltd., a backbone enterprise in the demonstration zone, won the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award; In 2016, the 3D stereo vision robot project jointly applied by Zhongyuan Homo sapiens and the Department of automation of Tsinghua University won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

C accelerate product upgrading

build a brand with international influence

since the establishment of the demonstration area, Baoan industrial robot industry has achieved outstanding results in brand construction, quality level, core technology and so on. In order to further promote the establishment of the "Guangdong industrial robot industry famous brand demonstration area" and further promote the development and growth of the industrial robot industry, Bao'an District proposed that in the next three years, we should adhere to the brand construction concept of "quality as the basis, technology as the core, innovation as the soul, and brand as the guide", further improve the industrial chain, consolidate and strengthen the foundation of industrial development, and accelerate the upgrading of regional products to regional brands, Vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial robot enterprises to both ends of the smile curve. At the same time, based in Shenzhen, facing the whole province and the whole country, establish the regional brand image of Bao'an industrial robot, cultivate a number of world-renowned and domestic first-class brands, and promote "Bao'an industrial robot" to become a regional brand with international influence

strive to build a complete industrial chain and reasonable industrial space layout integrating R & D, production, sales, service and industry management with Bao'an as the center, leading Shenzhen and radiating the Pearl River Delta and even South China in three years, and become a model for the leapfrog development of the industrial robot industry in Guangdong Province; Cultivate about 10 enterprises with provincial famous brand products and famous trademarks, and form a large number of brand groups with good quality and high regional popularity; Increase the construction of industry standards, build a quality public service platform suitable for industrial development, apply for industrial bases above the provincial level, and promote the development of industry standardization, standardization and agglomeration

the establishment of the demonstration zone is an experience of promoting brand building in Bao'an District, a reform of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and an experiment of implementing the national supply side structural reform. The establishment of Bao'an industrial robot industry demonstration zone is a new starting point, which will certainly lead the industrial transformation and upgrading, and drive Bao'an District to realize the magnificent transformation from "industrial area" to "brand area"

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