Tips for buying LCD TV

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Tips for choosing LCD TV

tips for choosing LCD TV:

the development of digital TV in China has gradually occupied most of the Chinese TV market since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In 2015, China will fully realize the signal transmission and reception of digital TV, and stop broadcasting analog signals. In the near future, it is no longer the extravagant hope of the Chinese people to fully experience the entertainment and visual enjoyment brought by digital TV. Here I would like to show you the "TV purchasing skills" with my shallow knowledge, hoping to illuminate a bright "future" for many good friends who "hold money for purchase"

1. Heavy screen:

the most important thing of a TV should be the screen. The good or bad of the screen is directly related to our enjoyment of visual effects

1) IPS hard screen: its outstanding advantages are excellent motion picture, stable image quality and large visual angle. When this screen is combined with the popular 200Hz refresh rate in the market today, its lifelike and smooth 1080p clear picture can completely make people fall for it

2) VA soft screen: compared with IPS hard screen, it is slightly inferior in terms of visual angle, smoothness of dynamic effect, service life and energy saving effect

2. Look at the refresh:

the refresh rate is a technical term that is not easy to be understood and applied by the majority of people. In fact, we can hold a standard (the faster the better, thinking that the higher the refresh rate is, the better the performance will be when high-speed dynamic pictures are displayed.) At present, the new products launched by LG, Sony and other high-end TV manufacturers are all raising the 200Hz quadruple speed refresh rate to intelligently analyze and process the pictures in motion, which can be achieved by inserting frames and other technologies, so as to better solve the problems of tailing, residual shadows and so on, which is very practical

3. Choose "digital":

the digital TV promotion schedule designated by the government

has simply involved the development of China's digital TV at the beginning. It is recommended that friends who "hold money for purchase" can buy a real digital TV in one step. There is an essential difference between digital TV and set-top box. Digital TV can directly receive digital signals to ensure high-definition image quality without loss. The non torsion bar spring fatigue testing machine plays a very important role in the production process of all torsion bars, and the trend is irreversible. The government has put the promotion of digital TV on the schedule. Instead of waiting for it, it is better to "do it in one step and don't miss it"

4. Digital ports:

as the name suggests, it is to count the number of external ports behind the digital TV

common ports are described here:

▲ HDMI interface: HDMI can support home cinemas, computers, game consoles, HD playback devices, etc. Take the latest LG digital TV as an example, there are four interfaces

▲ USB interface: it is roughly the same as that on the computer. You can use TV to play pictures, MP3, etc., and high-end ones can also play videos directly

▲ TV interface is used to connect cable TV or indoor and outdoor antenna (more commonly used)

▲ AV output interface is used to link DVD, set-top box, audio, power amplifier and other active external devices

▲ VGA interface: VGA interface, also known as (s-dub), is the input interface from the computer. VGA is the interface that transmits analog signals to the display

▲ DVI interface: both DVI interface and VGA are the most commonly used interfaces in computers. Unlike VGA, DVI is an interface for all digital transmission

5. Save electricity:

Li Bingbing has strongly advocated on TV that we should "turn off the lights for an hour" for the sake of the earth, so in order to save money or support environmental protection, we should choose a more energy-saving TV. At present, some TV products have added energy-saving technologies, such as adjusting the brightness of the screen according to the changes of the viewing environment to achieve power saving optimization, or by adjusting the brightness of the backlight, selecting the design of picture modes such as picture off and standby micro power consumption, which can help save unnecessary electricity expenses. It is said that LG digital TV has the smart energy-saving function, which can save electricity by 60%

6. Choose convenience:

the so-called convenience is more humanized, so that people can get more fun from a TV. Now the digital TV launched by various manufacturers has added many home entertainment functions. Through simple operation, you can realize that the signal at this time is more entertaining and enjoyable to imitate the signal

7. List several home entertainment functions that most consumers praise:

recognize their strengths and weaknesses · DivX HD streaming media playback: This is a powerful application of streaming media processing technology. As mentioned above, as long as the U disk with HD movies is inserted into the TV USB interface, it can achieve high-definition audio and image playback with theater level effects

· 24 frame real Cinema: the TV can play movies at the frame rate synchronized with the movie film to truly restore the image

· more video and audio modes: similar to the functions of the sports undisputed mode and the night mode in the camera, some TVs now especially add film mode, sports mode, game mode, etc., so that people can easily obtain better viewing effects

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