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Delta's new ies communication products challenge the demanding industrial Ethernet application needs

recently, delta group launched a Gigabit tubular Ethernet switch, two Gigabit non tubular Ethernet switches and three 100m switches, promoting the improvement of the IES series line of delta's industrial Ethernet communication products. At present, the IES series includes Ethernet switches, IEEE 802.11 wireless communications, mobile wireless communications, serial port device connection servers, communication gateways, etc. with its high reliability quality, excellent industrial grade design process, flexible installation methods, the IES series products flexibly build perfect key system solutions in a variety of industries, and also perform well in the harsh industrial application environment, winning the warm response of customers

all products of delta ies series specially strengthen the hardware protection design, humanized management software interface and frame protection mechanism, and are compatible with a variety of communication specifications, emphasizing the high security of industrial networks, helping users quickly and easily build industrial Ethernet systems to meet the needs and expectations of different application fields, including power, monitoring systems, factory automation, transportation and other fields

the IES products of Delta Industrial Ethernet solutions have the industrial protection grade of IP40, which can work at a wide temperature of - 40 ℃ ~75 ℃, and can withstand the working humidity in the range of 5% - 95%; It has passed the third and fourth level certification of EMC in the International Electrotechnical regulations, with 1.5kV insulation and isolation protection. The full series of aluminum alloy shells are resistant to harsh environments, corrosion-resistant and fan free design, which greatly upgrades the adaptability of industrial application environment and strengthens the high reliability and safety of unattended work. Delta ies series key system solutions have excellent applications in the construction of outdoor Ethernet systems such as wind power generation and intelligent transportation

the dvs-005/008/016 series of industrial non tubular Ethernet switches, an important role of delta's ies product line, is designed to meet the requirements of high-speed transmission in the harsh environment of industrial automation with a wide range of temperature and humidity working standards and flexible installation methods. It is designed to meet the requirements of industrial automation for high-speed transmission. It has 5, 8, 16 interfaces and other combinations, and conforms to the Ethernet communication protocol of IEEE 802.3 standard, Up to 3.2gbps switching capacity. DVS series has a solid and practical appearance design, as well as flexible installation methods (wall mounted and rail mounted installation can be selected), and has the functions of double backup DC input, automatic fault alarm output, intelligent network management, broadcast storm protection and processing packet sequencing. In addition, it also provides broadcast signal control function to control the broadcast signal below 10% of the total network signal, so as to ensure the best network transmission service quality

delta tube switch dvs-110 series is a fully functional tube type two-layer switch, which supports stp/rstp/mstp redundant ring protocol, follows the defined new protocol, and the complete security verification tools highly strengthen the high security mechanism of the user network. With 3 Gigabit SFP optical ports or 3 Gigabit electrical ports and 7 100m electrical ports at the same time, it flexibly adapts to the construction of various schemes of the switch. At the same time, the tube type series supports Modbus TCP communication protocol, It can be easily imported into the industrial field network management system; The customized intelligent ports include the output points of various alarm functions, as well as various ports such as digital and redundant power input, with SFP optical fiber module DDM diagnosis function; Compatible with industrial communication protocols such as ethernet/ip, PROFINET, EtherCAT, CC link IE and DNP3.0

the WiFi wireless products of delta DVW series can realize 450mbps wireless bandwidth 802.11a/b/g/n, with four working modes of ap/repeater/client/WDS: one WDS master can control the speed of the experiment by rotating the opening size of the oil delivery valve (oil inlet) and oil return valve (oil return). More than four WDS slave can be provided for online connection, and WDS master and WDS slave can be used for online connection of multiple wireless clients; The built-in Modbus protocol supports transparent protocol transmission, supports two groups of rs-232/422/485 serial ports and two Gigabit electrical ports, has path backup function, and only operates in WDS master and WDS slave mode; With high-strength wireless security mechanism

in addition, delta Ethernet solution product line also has LCP series SFP optical fiber module, which supports wide temperature operation of - 40 ℃ - 85 ℃, has a transmission speed of 1000-100mbps, and covers six specifications of service distance between 550m-60km. IFD series includes ifd9506 Modbus TCP to rs232/rs485 and ifd9507 ethernet/ip to rs232/rs485 1-port industrial communication converter

in the continuous pursuit of high-quality and high security industrial control applications, the IES series of delta Ethernet products, with its unique market competitiveness, has won the affirmation and support of most customers, and has become one of the more economical and practical choices for customers that do not affect the temperature around the test box. It is believed that in the near future, with the continuous progress of Delta Industrial Ethernet product technology, It will take the lead in more and more rigorous industrial applications

about delta group

founded in 1971, delta group is a leading manufacturer of power management and cooling management solutions, and occupies a world-class important position in many product fields. Facing the increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth, uses the basis of power design and management, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including power supply and components, energy management and intelligent green life

at the same time, delta actively develops its brand and continues to provide efficient and reliable energy-saving overall solutions. Delta group operates all over the world, with R & D centers and production bases in Taiwan, Chinese Mainland, the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, India, Brazil and Europe

in recent years, Delta has successively won a number of international honors and affirmation. Since 2011, Delta has been selected as the world index of Dow Jones Sustainability indexes for three consecutive years

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about Delta greente

at that time, the hydraulic technology was not mature at all. CH (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 1992. Since its operation, it has maintained a high-speed development with an average annual growth of 34.5%, providing efficient and reliable power, video, automation and energy management solutions for industrial users. The market share of communication power supply ranks first in the country, and it is also a leading manufacturer of video display and industrial automation solutions

Zhongda Diantong integrates the excellent power electronics and control technology of the parent company delta group, continues to introduce products with leading performance at home and abroad, and puts forward complete solutions according to the process needs of all walks of life to create a competitive advantage for customers under the operating environment of in-depth understanding that the export temperature of Chinese customers is 85 ⑼ 0 ℃. Adhering to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth, it has become a strategic partner of China Mobile in green action, and has successively carried out a number of new applications in energy conservation and emission reduction, building energy conservation technology

in order to meet customers' needs for uninterrupted operation, Zhongda Diantong has set up 48 branches, 64 technical service points and 12 maintenance points across the country. Relying on a well-trained technical service team, Zhongda provides customers with personalized and comprehensive pre-sales and in-sales services and the most reliable after-sales guarantee. With the efforts of nearly 2000 employees over the past 20 years, the turnover of Zhongda Diantong in 2012 exceeded 3 billion yuan. In the future, Zhongda will continue to innovate and create a smarter and more environmentally friendly future through close cooperation with customers

Zhongda Diantong --- a reliable industrial partner

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