The hottest new products in the beverage industry

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According to relevant data, since 15 years ago, China's beverage retail has maintained a steady growth trend, and the growth rate is expected to slow down in 18 years. In this situation, Master Kong, uni president and other enterprises began to raise the price of beverage products, with the intention of alleviating the pressure caused by rising costs and taking the opportunity to upgrade products, so as to deeply layout the medium and high-end market; Some enterprises, such as Pepsi and Huiyuan, have developed and launched new products, striving to promote the growth of performance... It is not difficult to see that the beverage industry is facing fierce competition, and in this environment, the relevant beverage production equipment will become a sharp weapon for major enterprises to improve quality, increase efficiency and reduce costs. This article will take the recent new products in the beverage industry as an example to explore the future trend of related equipment

Pepsi launched a new type of beverage to pay attention to the visual transformation of consumers

the beverage industry is very easy to attract the attention of consumers by adopting the visual transformation method. As early as 16 years ago, Coca Cola laid out refrigerated cabinets, making Coca Cola change from liquid to ice residue in the hands of consumers, thus attracting many attention

in the middle of this month, PepsiCo launched a new beverage brand drinkfinity in the United States, which launched 12 kinds of capsule drinks. The use of organic sugar to control calories is in line with the health theme. These capsule transformed drinks need to be used with special bottles. Press the capsule at the mouth of the bottle containing water, and the original liquid of the drink will be mixed with water. In this process, the transparent water bottle will show various colors with high saturation, which is convenient for consumers to take photos and share. If the effect of water test sales is good, consumers can also choose customized flavors by themselves in the future

from Pepsi's new products, we can see that Pepsi tries to change the original beverage form by condensing the beverage into capsules for consumption. In this process, the beverage is born in the hands of consumers, increasing the "sense of interaction" and desire to share. In terms of production process, this means that the beverage stock solution should be produced and then made into capsules for consumption, which can be prepared by dropping method or pressing method. We know that the capsule product is completely sealed, so it can make the beverage stock solution have a longer storage period. In the production process, we must pay attention to the selection of samples. In this process, we need the capsule host to make the capsule shape, the drying equipment to carry out stereotype drying, the vacuum mixing bucket to carry out homogenization heating, and the glue tank, insulation barrel, condensation buffer tank and other equipment. At present, there are more capsule products, including green packaging, green distribution, green recycling, green intelligence and other specific actions. In the field of medicine and health care products, the production of food products is closely related to it, but people generally believe that flexible packaging will sweep all products, there is still a certain difference, for example, there is a big difference between the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity requirements and pharmaceutical products. Therefore, relevant production equipment also needs to accelerate the pace of flexible development and increase the applicability of its products

Huiyuan launched a number of new products, subdivided product layout and created a diversity matrix

two days ago, Huiyuan held a new product conference in the southern region, and launched a number of new products, such as forest berry, 330ml100%, tangerine peel apple vinegar, pet300ml100%, Ou new citrus, children's puree, subdivided product layout, created a diversity matrix and seized the first opportunity in the beverage market

there are three main highlights of this new product launch: first, the new packaging attracts consumers. For example, Ou New Citrus opened the youth market with a novel and interesting outer packaging when it was launched last year. Now the "ice cream" color matching is used on the packaging to make the outer packaging more attractive to the audience; Second, the team of "purchasing army" is becoming larger and larger. According to the wind, new products are developed, such as orange peel apple vinegar, which is added to the original fruit vinegar beverage with Chinese traditional medicinal materials such as orange peel and honey, to meet the market trend of great health; The third is to segment consumers and launch products accurately. For example, 330ml Tetra Pak diamond is 100% targeted at white-collar workers, and children's puree is clearly aimed at children

from Huiyuan's new product launch, we can see the packaging and beverage production direction of developing new products according to the wind direction. Taking packaging as an example, it mainly involves beverage packaging equipment. Guided by the trend of subdividing product layout to create a diversified matrix, beverage packaging equipment obviously needs to adapt to more beverage packaging shapes, and can quickly change the product line to meet product production needs. It is understood that at present, intelligent packaging equipment has appeared in the market, which can better adapt to the diversified packaging methods of beverages, and the production line has been changed in time to realize the production and packaging of a variety of beverages

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