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Valin Xingma new product tour entered Guiyang, customers placed orders on the spot

Valin Xingma new product tour entered Guiyang, customers placed orders on the spot

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on December 29, with the music of Valin Xingma promotional film, "2014 Valin Xingma automobile group Hanma, xingkaima series new product national tour and user Symposium" was grandly held in Guiyang Wanli hotel. More than 300 customer representatives from Guiyang attended the meeting. Xia Hong, marketing director of the group company, attended the meeting and made a summary speech. Li daili, deputy general manager of Valin Marketing Department of the Group Marketing Branch, delivered a welcome speech. The meeting was presided over by Ding Chunhua, Guizhou regional manager of Valin marketing department. In addition, Guizhou regional managers of various models of the marketing branch also made wonderful introductions to the participating customers on the new products of Hanma, xingkaima series, Hanma power and other products

In his concluding speech, Xia Hong, group marketing director, reviewed the development history of China's automobile industry and Valin Xingma. He pointed out that our company was formerly an automobile refitting enterprise. The successful development of Valin heavy truck in 2004 marked that the chassis of domestic mixer truck in the real sense began from Valin. Once it was promoted and quickly popularized in the domestic market, all imported chassis were blocked out of the country, And we have also introduced our products to the world and exported them to more than 60 countries and regions in South America, Southeast Asia, and Asia, where 16 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects such as Maoming Petrochemical intelligent factory were selected. We did not stop, but began to develop core components such as engines and axles with higher technical requirements. However, for core technology, no foreign enterprise is willing to transfer the most advanced key technology to us. Therefore, we can only explore new ways, which is the road of "integrating international technology for our use". That is, through cooperation with foreign R & D institutions, jointly develop new products, and the intellectual property rights are owned by "I". Now, our technology leadership has been recognized by users, the product quality has formed a very good reputation among users, and the brand influence is increasing. We have created a new model of independent development of China's automotive industry with our own practice

Guizhou is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, with hilly landform. Xia Hong focused on Han Ma power. He said: "In Guizhou, even if there is a buffer break every other distance on the highway, it is to prevent the car from taking emergency safety protection measures when it goes downhill out of control. Most customers in Guizhou may dream that they are in the early stage of construction and development. They want to have a car that is safe and fuel-efficient. In the past, customers paid the price of their lives in order to save fuel when going downhill, some stalled and some out of gear, Today, we bring the Hamma power engine, which cooperates with the world's top design companies, designs according to the most advanced European standards, integrates the world's most advanced high-power engine technology, and creates an energy-saving and quota Hamma engine that will comprehensively affirm environmental protection and strong power according to the purchase contract amount and the possible loss of products, in order to solve the problem of lack of uphill power during the transportation and use of customers in Guizhou Downhill safety braking requires constant watering. "

as for the in cylinder braking technology, Xia Hong specially mentioned that hammar power is a high-performance engine with completely independent intellectual property rights. One of its very important features is its unique in cylinder braking technology, which is safe, efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly. It shows that you don't need to step on the brake frequently when going downhill, reduce the friction of the brake pads, and don't need to add a water spraying device, and don't need oil injection. The fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is reduced at the effective running distance. At present, customers in many regions have used the Valin star carriage equipped with Hanma power, and have received substantial benefits. Valin Xingma has always pursued the business philosophy of "quality dominates the world and spreads by users' reputation", and has constantly created miracles in the automotive industry. I believe that with the strong support of our customers, Valin Xingma will be able to bring the best products and services to users in Guiyang. "

the meeting also invited customer representatives to share their experience of using Valin star carriage with the customers present. Luoshiping, general manager of Guizhou lvhuayuan building materials Co., Ltd., said, "We have been cooperating with Valin Xingma since 2009, and have purchased a total of 25 Valin Xingma carriages. Because the products produced and transported by our company are liquids, and the customers are mainly high-speed rail, highway and other companies. The transportation distance of customers is relatively long, and the road conditions are not good, so the requirements for the chassis and handling of vehicles in the transportation process are relatively high. Valin gave us a perfect answer with its solid chassis and excellent quality, Since buying the car in 2009, there has never been a driver safety accident, which has improved the operation efficiency, economic effect and social effect of our company. Thank you very much. "

the customer representatives attending the meeting paid high attention to the new products of Hanma and xingkaima series. They listened to the detailed introduction at the symposium. After the symposium, they went into the exhibition area of the tour vehicles one after another and asked the staff on site for further questions to keep up with the explosive growth of all new energy vehicles. Many customers showed strong willingness to buy cars. At the thank you dinner, a customer ordered a car on site, which pushed the promotion to another climax

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