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Zhaoyue communication rail transit PIS system private exchange new product launch

zhaoyue communication, as a domestic leading brand of information and communication in the rail transit industry, recently released two types of industrial switches dedicated to the rail transit PIS system, aiming to meet the stability and timeliness of information transmission in the PIS system

product 1


product features:

support eight 10/100/1000m adaptive Ethernet RJ45 interfaces

adopt M12 interface design, the connection is more firm and reliable

support 802.3af/at power supply standard, single port maximum output 30.4w

support Mr ring fast ring (self-healing time 20 ms), compatible with stp/rstp/mstp spanning tree protocol

support port based VLAN, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN and GVRP protocols

support dynamic and static link aggregation

support IGMP snooping and GMRP filtering multicast packets

support port locking based on MAC address to prevent illegal intrusion

support snmpv1/v2c/v3 different levels of network management protocols

multiple management methods: Web, SNMP, Telnet, Conso flat jaw mark 1 at the production workshop site of Guangya aluminum Cultivate a 100 billion level new material industry cluster, equipped with: 0 ⑴ 5, 15 ⑶ 0le

IP40 protection grade, corrugated aluminum profile shell, industrial EMC level 4 design

Product Configuration:

8 10/100/1000mbps adaptive Ethernet interfaces, the interface form is M12 interface


1. The equipment adopts M12 connector to realize tight and solid connection, free from vibration and impact, and the network is stable and reliable

2 Using MR ring high-performance private redundancy technology, when a link or single point of failure occurs in the network, the communication can be quickly recovered within 20ms

3. A large amount of capacity backplane Gigabit is designed to forward all ports at the same time, ensuring zero packet loss transmission of concurrent video traffic

4. QoS service quality function, which supports the priority forwarding of data with high real-time demand of CCTV, so that the monitoring video is continuous without interruption or skip

5. 1U rack structure, which conforms to the mainstream application mode of domestic PIS system and meets the spatial requirements of Metro PIS system

6. It conforms to the requirements of en50155 specification for impact and vibration indicators EMC level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements

Product II


product features:

it holds 16 10/100/1000m Ethernet M12 interfaces

it meets the en50155 standard of rail transit, M12 aviation plug interface design

support bypass function

support Mr "the material used for 3D printing is almost waste free -ring fast ring (self-healing time 20ms) , compatible with stp/rstp/mstp spanning tree protocol

support QoS, port based traffic supervision, WRR, DRR, SP, queue scheduling algorithm, 802.1p of message

support static routing, policy routing, rip v1/2, OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, virtual routing redundancy protocol VRRP

support IP multicast PIM-SM, PIM DM

support IPv6 Routing OSPFv3, BGP4, isisv6

meet industrial level 4 electromagnetic compatibility, IP40 level, Fan free design

product configuration:

support 16 10/100/1000m Ethernet M12 interfaces


1. The device adopts M12 connectors to achieve tight and solid connection, free from vibration and impact, stable and reliable network

2. The network supports redundant structure, 20 millisecond fault recovery time

3. The network system needs to provide the ability to carry video, voice, text display and other services

4 Ensure that the transmitted image is smooth and clear, and there is no picture interruption or skip broadcasting

5. The volume of the equipment is wall mounted, which meets the space of the on-board electronic equipment box

5. It meets the requirements of en50155 specification for impact and vibration indicators, and EMC level 4 electromagnetic compatibility requirements

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