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[new product release] Yunyi IP broadcast intercom system adds a new b/s architecture to support onvif protocol

with the promotion of smart city and security construction, the demand for IP broadcast intercom system to meet the use scenarios of safe city units at all levels: City, district (county), street (community) monitoring command and dispatching center, school, highway, industry and mining is increasing. According to customer needs, Yunyi communication keeps improving, upgrades the IP broadcast intercom system, and empowers the construction of smart cities

what has been updated in the new version of Yunyi IP broadcast intercom system

first, add a new web client, adopt b/s architecture, and simplify deployment. The new version of the system can be accessed and operated directly through the web

second, it supports onvif protocol and is compatible with camera access systems of more brands. The original system supports Haikang, Dahua and Jinsanli brand cameras. After the version is upgraded, all cameras that support onvif protocol can be connected to the system

III. add the camera function of displaying different terminals on the video page at the same time. The video page of the new version of the system not only displays the camera bound to a terminal, but also can be displayed across terminals. The page can display up to 9 camera scenes

Yunyi communication has always regarded the safety, stability and reliability of products as the top priority of its research and development work. This year, Yunyi has also upgraded the aesthetics of product interfaces while ensuring the high availability, high reliability and high scalability of system functions. What about the new version of Yunyi IP broadcast intercom system? What are the features? Don't worry, show everyone one by one

Yunyi IP energy-saving and environmental protection production, remanufacture and other "vein" industrial chains continue to improve the broadcast intercom system. Based on the NGN architecture, using the international standard SIP protocol, it has excellent compatibility and functional scalability. It can realize the overall solution of voice broadcast + intercom + multimedia console, flexibly realize voice intercom, broadcast notification, background music and other functions, and realize multi-level architecture management to meet the needs of different scenes

login interface:

feature function [intercom call]

the system supports one click call and intercom. The number is stored corresponding to the name to realize fast speed dialing; When you need to talk with another terminal of the system, you can press the key to initiate a call, so as to realize the real-time communication between the two IP terminals

the [broadcast task] of the characteristic function

the system supports regional broadcasting, regional broadcasting and multi-party broadcasting; The modes include music broadcasting, shouting broadcasting, text broadcasting, gathering broadcasting and document broadcasting; The types include instant broadcast, timed broadcast, which indicates that the plasticity of metal is better, weekly cyclic broadcast (the time period can be set arbitrarily), trigger broadcast and emergency broadcast

feature function [unattended]

one button unattended, switchable. When the dispatcher is not in front of the dispatching desk, you can set the incoming call transfer. After setting the incoming call transfer, the dispatching desk enters the lock screen mode, and click to cancel the lock screen

the characteristic function makes the piston of the hydraulic cylinder move upward [alarm]

supports one key alarm and anti disassembly alarm. When an abnormal condition occurs, the system will send an alarm reminder, including: alarm source, status, occurrence time, etc., and the dispatcher can deal with or remove the alarm

the [plan]

feature function supports the plan processing of the alarm triggered by the terminal, and the plan can be set in advance, including triggering broadcast, video, SMS, intercom

feature function [video linkage]

support video monitoring during calls, and videos can be captured and recorded. When both parties of the system establish a call, they can directly link the video monitoring of both parties, and the other party can see the on-site situation in real time

feature function [queue notification]

call the terminal or external line in turn by uploading voice files or text, and automatically play the voice notification function. Queuing notification supports instant notification, scheduled notification and trigger notification, and can also trigger the set notification through the access number. The queuing notification function supports multi-channel concurrency

Yunyi IP radio intercom system is widely used in highway, unattended (parking lot/body 3, sensor gym/gym/supermarket), industry and mining, education, rail, finance, prison, energy, electricity, medical treatment, intelligent building and other industries. We provide one-stop communication solutions. Please contact us

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