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Ppc-hw2312ct is a low-power fan free industrial tablet computer. The box is made of magnesium aluminum alloy die-casting, with a light and beautiful appearance and strong firmness. The back cover adopts a heat dissipation hole design, which can quickly dissipate the heat in the system; The full amplifier on the front panel complies with nema/ip65 dust and water proof standard during the regular test, and it is forbidden to affect the operation of the equipment due to the splashing water droplets and steam entering the host when installed in the control cabinet. The product adopts panel embedded installation, which can be completed only by tightening 4 pullers, and the installation and maintenance are very simple

ppc-hw2312ct has designed a 12V power input scheme, adding overcurrent, overvoltage, surge and reverse connection protection measures to meet the requirements of complex industrial sites; In terms of functions, it is noted that it is equipped with rich i/o interfaces, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 8 RS232 serial ports, 2 rs232/485 optional serial ports, 1 USB3.0 interface, 3 USB2.0 interfaces, audio input and output, VGA and DVI display interfaces, and supports the external connection of a display to form synchronous or asynchronous dual display

ppc-hw2312ct adopts industrial wide screen HD touch display and five wire resistive touch screen with high temperature process, with dust-proof, water-proof, oil resistant surface and 35 million click life; The system board contains Intel Bay trail J1900 2GHz dual core processor, and supports msata, SSD and notebook hard disk in data storage

23.6-inch multi serial port industrial tablet ppc-hw2 electronic tensile testing machine is widely used. 312ct supports Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10, Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 embedded, Linux mainstream operating systems and embedded operating systems, and is compatible with customers' application software based on the above operating systems. Hainan will build a shipping comprehensive pilot zone and build a bulk commodity trading base and program

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