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for the long-term development of the enterprise, we not only need to improve and ensure the quality of products, but also need to keep R & D and innovation. We try our best to develop the products that customers need. Aoyuexin technology has been aiming at solving customers' selection needs, improving product production technology, and serving customers wholeheartedly. When the production research reaches this range, it has sold PLC for eight years, which has received the support and attention of the majority of users. We will also continue to work hard to provide more customers with high-quality products and considerate services. Next, we recommend a new product, 8-Channel thermistor temperature measurement module - yes rf22, to the majority of users

I. product picture and specification parameters

II. Instructions

rtd module can accept resistance signal, and AI module does not have resistance input function. RTD module is designed for directly connecting temperature sensors, which can directly collect temperature signals without temperature transmitters. And the large capacity temperature measurement module can reduce the number of expansion modules for customers, so that the CPU utilization is higher. Here are some useful ones. Welcome to call and consult the steel wire universal testing machine! Reading and programming problems

1. Channel reading value

2. Software programming

200rtd module is a special module for thermal resistance, which is used for direct connection of thermal resistance. The actual data is equal to the measured data divided by 10. For example, if the measured data of channel 1 is 1002, the actual measured temperature is 100.2 ℃. The actual data is the direct division of PLC reading by 10

3. Wiring diagram

III. overview

oyes RF eight channel thermal resistance measurement module has high accuracy, many input points and convenient wiring. For more new product information and product information, please visit WWW), Or scan the QR code below. Thank you for your attention and support

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