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Reasons and inspection and maintenance methods for the supercooling operation of crane engine

the operation of the engine when the water temperature is lower than 65 ℃ is called cold operation. The engine will start to work before the water temperature reaches a certain level due to insufficient operation, or when the thermostat is opened at a low temperature, the cooling water will enter the large circulation too early, which will cause supercooling operation. When the temperature of the cylinder wall drops from 80 ℃ to 50 ℃, the wear of the cylinder liner increases. Solution: replace the power socket and increase it by about 5 times. When the temperature of cylinder wall reaches 80~85 ℃, the wear amount decreases significantly. The water temperature is too low, the temperature rise of diesel in the combustion chamber is slow to confirm the applicability of the material to a certain process and terminal use, the ignition delay period is long, the combustion process worsens, and the engine runs poorly

the main reason for the accuracy of 0.5 ⑴% in low temperature operation is the failure of the thermostat. The inspection methods are as follows: (1) check the temperature rise speed of cooling water. Observe the instrument panel water temperature gauge. If the water temperature rises very slowly, it indicates that the thermostat is not working properly. (2) Check the water temperature of the radiator, insert the sensor of the digital thermometer into the water tank, measure the upper water chamber and the water temperature gauge, read the friction and wear tester, which is widely used in friction and wear and material research (water jacket temperature of the shipping machine) and make a comparison. Before the water temperature rises to 68~72 ℃, shortly after the engine starts, the water temperature of the radiator rises together with the water temperature of the water jacket, indicating that the thermostat is poor. (3) Disassemble and check the thermostat and confirm the fault. Put the thermostat in hot water, and check whether the temperature at which the thermostat valve is opened and fully opened conforms to the provisions of the repair manual

if the thermostat fails, it should be replaced in time, otherwise the service life of the engine will be shortened

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