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New products of Hanma and xingkaima series of Valin Xingma company entered Ningbo

new products of Hanma and xingkaima series of Valin Xingma company entered Ningbo

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on August 3, the scorching sun was in the sky, and the temperature in Ningbo soared to 36 degrees. Such weather could not stop Ningbo customers from seeing the new products of Hanma and xingkaima series. On the same day, at Ningbo Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, more than 300 users from the surrounding areas of Ningbo gathered in the international hall to experience the advanced technology of the new products of Hanma and xingkaima

"With the change of national energy policy, natural gas is becoming more and more popular as a clean energy. Valin began to research and develop natural gas heavy trucks as early as 2005. The technology has been very mature, and the use of natural gas heavy trucks is the general trend; the lightweight work of heavy trucks has been continuously updated and improved by using new materials and optimizing process design to achieve the purpose of 'weight reduction without quality reduction' of heavy trucks; concrete mixer, Hua Lingxingma has also been produced for more than ten years. The products have been upgraded many times, and the quality is more mature and reliable. We hope to dedicate better products and better services to the customers who directly supported the development of Valin Xingma in 2014, and achieve the goal of "serving customers and creating value for customers!" Xia Hong, marketing director of Valin Xingma, made a passionate speech, which attracted bursts of applause on the scene

Xia Hong also said about Hanma power that Valin Xingma people have always adhered to the perfection of products. Hanma power is an engine that integrates the world's top technology. At the same time, we have conducted continuous destructive tests on Hanma power, which has passed the severe test of "plateau, high cold, high temperature 1.587" to be honest, 5mm steel ball ", and dare to use it in any harsh environment and working conditions. The new technology of low-speed, high torque and in cylinder braking applied by Hanma power brings more fuel-saving, safer and reliable value to Valin Xingma products, and also brings higher use value to users. This engine has been used in markets all over the country. From the feedback of use, it fully meets the requirements of various use environments and is deeply loved by customers. It is a very successful high-end high-power engine. What needs to be specially pointed out here is the characteristics of Hamma power cylinder braking. Using the cylinder braking technology, Hamma power can drive at a constant speed without stepping on the brake or burning oil, which greatly improves the driving safety and saves the vehicle cost

at the symposium, some user representatives made speeches and shared their driving experience over the years. Zhuhongyao, general manager of Ningbo Haigang Concrete Co., Ltd., said in his speech that we have purchased Xingma mixer since 2002, and have cooperated with Valin Xingma for many years. At present, the company has more than 100 various models of Valin Xingma, including 8-party, 12-party, 15-party and other models. Through the mixer delivered by Valin Xingma to our company, I found that many details of the chassis design have been improved. According to the actual use of our company, the mixer matching Valin Xingma chassis has a low failure rate and is very durable. There are no problems when it is used now. I summarize the first advantage of Valin Xingma mixer as: professionalism and durability; Secondly, the mature and reliable Xingma suit has brought high benefits to the company, and there have been no quality problems. Up to now, there have been no major problems with the use of cars in 2006; The third is that the loading of star immediately is very uniform from discharging to loading. Unlike some brands, the discharging is not suitable at the beginning, but gradually becomes normal. Moreover, the angle of the discharge port of Valin Xingma's mixer truck is very appropriate. As soon as the mixer door is opened, it will directly go down without silting out; Fourth, the paint of Valin Xingma mixer is particularly good. Unlike some other brands of cars they use, the color fades after washing for several times. In general, the perfect cooperation between Valin heavy truck and xingjizhuang ensures the excellent quality of Valin Xingma mixer truck, as long as it is maintained normally

xiongzhenyu, deputy general manager of Ningbo Tianyi Logistics Co., Ltd., said that the company purchases natural gas vehicles in large quantities, mainly considering that with the continuous maturity of natural gas technology, its economic advantages are becoming more and more obvious, and natural gas, a clean fuel, has ushered in a period of rapid development. With the help of China's rich natural gas resources and the implementation of the "clear water and blue sky" project in Ningbo, Tianyi logistics company took the initiative to undertake the social responsibility and demonstrated the achievements of green development in the fields of industrial energy conservation, water conservation, low carbon and remanufacture in the past five years at the "five years of hard work" achievement exhibition. It purchased Valin natural gas heavy trucks. Before we bought Valin natural gas truck, we learned that the power system of Valin natural gas heavy truck adopts high-power natural gas engine, which is one power segment higher than diesel car (20-30 kW), and it is full of power. In addition, Valin natural gas heavy truck technology is leading in China, the chassis system and electrical system have been adjusted, and Valin developed natural gas heavy truck earlier, with mature technology and early overseas export, so we decided to purchase in batches. According to our actual use results, under various working conditions, the outstanding advantages of Valin natural gas vehicle reliability have been fully verified. Drivers generally report that Valin natural gas heavy trucks have durable leather and high driving comfort. In addition, outstanding safety has always been the characteristic of Valin. In addition, Valin after-sales service personnel often send professionals to provide professional training and guidance to our drivers. At present, the operation of our company's Valin natural gas heavy truck is stable

after the meeting, many customers also took a test drive of the new models of Hanma and xingkaima series

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