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[new product] light, ecological and long-lasting, burberry light color crystal paint is newly launched

[new product] light, ecological and long-lasting, burberry light color crystal paint is newly launched

February 28, 2020

coating quality has a great impact on building quality and construction quality. The quality level of exterior wall coating is low, which is prone to aging phenomena such as loss of light, fading, peeling, peeling, chalking, etc., which seriously affects the effect of exterior wall decoration and cannot meet the consumption concept of high-end decoration requirements of exterior walls

in today's mature market, real estate enterprises are more inclined to brand and standardized coatings in their choice of architectural coatings

Jiabaoli Dajian coating, which has been focusing on providing integrated coating solutions, has developed an annual new product with sustainability and better performance - light colored spar paint from the perspective of raw materials, technology, formula, etc. in view of the difficulties of exterior wall coating

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product introduction

product features:

renewable resources, environmental protection and health

good flexibility, full paint film without scratching hands

spraying has less rebound and is not easy to drop sand

colorfast is the global development trend of the automotive industry. It has a high degree of aging resistance, including 450 yuan per unit

rich colors and high selectivity

application field:

it is applicable to interior and exterior wall coating projects such as high-end comprehensive commercial entities, star hotels, high-end residential projects, urban industrial parks, etc. it can be matched with light and thin rock slices with different particle sizes and colors according to needs, which can obtain rich three-dimensional decorative effects, give Architects great creative freedom, and more easily control the diversified overall concept

01 constant care, derived from light and thin

light colored spar paint is a new building material that is more environmentally friendly. Limited by the environmental protection limitations and paint waste caused by the use of natural colored sand in ordinary stone paint, this product is refined from high-quality polymer lotion and innovative light and thin rock chips

△ left picture (natural colored sand)/right picture (light and thin rock slice)

the rock slice used in this product belongs to renewable resources, which can reduce environmental pollution and natural resource loss caused by natural colored sand mining, and is in line with the concept of sustainable development. Compared with real stone paint, light colored spar paint as a whole becomes very light and thin, and the colors can be more rich and diverse

△ all kinds of light and thin rock chips (the picture effect is enlarged according to a certain proportion)

on the whole, the weight of light colored crystal stone paint after being put on the wall is about 1/2 less than that of natural stone paint, and the wall load is smaller. The finished product has the characteristics of light and realistic effect, soft touch, pure color and so on, which makes this new special chip soft and colorful, presents the effect of high-end texture, and makes the texture of the outer wall more artistic

02 is softer, tougher and more weather resistant, saving 50% material

the construction performance and convenience of the coating also have a great impact on the construction quality of the coating. The excellent construction performance and physical and chemical properties of the product are a major advantage of light color crystalline stone paint

when the light rock slice is wrapped by lotion, the garberry light colored spar paint will show high adhesion, which can greatly reduce the rebound and sand loss waste generated in the spraying of traditional sand wall paint. It is preliminarily estimated that the material consumption of real stone paint can be saved by up to 50% year-on-year

△ template production

more importantly, in order to improve the construction performance completely from the product system, garberry engineers also dug into the needs from the perspective of on-site construction, and developed a multi-functional bottom in one product specially supporting this new product. It is thin spray and not easy to penetrate the bottom, and the shape and color can create more space

△ sample making removes dust and oil stains on electric boards and appliances

as a new supporting product of light colored spar paint, the integrated product of Carpoly multi-functional bottom has excellent alkali resistance, which can reduce the risk of alkali flooding on the wall; At the same time, the covering power is excellent, and two construction can perfectly cover the color of the base course

construction steps

in the construction, it is necessary to do a good job of dividing and tracing the seam before painting the multi-functional bottom in one coating, and paste masking paper after drying, which can better cover the seam color difference

when painting the bottom, it is necessary to achieve uniform and full coverage

when spraying the top coat, ordinary stone paint spraying tools can be directly used for flat spraying construction, with smooth discharge, uniform atomization and high efficiency

※ if you need to use spot spray or strong concave convex effect, you need to increase the dosage, otherwise it may be blooming

△ template making

light and thin rock slices have strong flexibility, and the film formed is extremely full, with better visual effect. The coating is fine and does not scratch hands, with strong compactness. After the effect is lifelike and the construction material is saved, the weather resistance of light color spar paint is also better

as a product with high expectations of garberry Dajian coating, light colored spar paint is the work of originality, the precise positioning of ecological and environmental protection, the readiness of new products of the year, and the choice of enduring confidence for all kinds of high-end buildings

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