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Causes and measures of electrical weld strip breaking

causes and measures of weld strip breaking in electrical steel production: optimization of weld quality of electrical steel:

weld strip breaking will occur in electrical steel production, resulting in scrap of finished products, and serious roll damage. In addition, due to poor welding, many small holes appear at the weld after rolling, affecting the bending resistance of children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush handle 60N or the deformation limit range is constantly ringing for subsequent production and use. The Si content in steel is higher, and the phenomenon is more obvious

causes of weld strip breakage:

1. The shape of the base plate is seriously poor, resulting in uneven butt joint of the strip steel at the weld

2. When the strip steel is welded, the finishing effect is not good, and there are steps at the weld, causing incentives

3. The welding process and parameters are unreasonable

measures taken:

1 strengthen the detection of silicon content, pay attention to the change of silicon content in electrical steel, and adjust the welding parameters of the problem machines such as low concentration in the welding industry in time according to the change of silicon content

2 oil dripping function is put into operation. The silicon content of electrical steel is high. During the welding process, a large amount of oxide slag is generated, which needs to be added and removed by dripping oil to keep it clean

3 strengthen the weld quality inspection to prevent the poor weld caused by poor shape from entering the rolling mill

4 equipment guarantee: before welding, it is necessary to ensure that the finishing state and position are in good condition, and ensure that the thermoplastic matrix material of the welding machine can effectively make the semi-finished products get further processing on the injection molding machine, and the electrode does not exceed the relative limit times

5 adjustment of welding parameters. When flash butt welding is adopted, attention should be paid to the parameters of voltage level, flash time and top length. At the same time, the initial gap of welding is also the key point of welding control, which should be accurately controlled to facilitate welding

6 annealing. The brittleness of high silicon steel is large, and the strip steel is greatly deformed during cold processing, which leads to fracture at the weld. Annealing should be carried out at the weld of the strip steel to improve the elongation of the weld

after the domestic Lianyuan Iron and steel company took the above measures when rolling electrical steel, the weld strip breaking rate of electrical steel decreased from 1.4 times/kiloton in November 2007 to 0.57 times/kiloton in April 2008, with remarkable effect

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