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Yilian's new products appeared at Infocomm America exhibition and attracted attention

Infocomm America 2018 opened at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center on June 6 Pacific time, and will end at sunset on June 8 Pacific time

on the first day of the exhibition, the new products of Yilian attracted the attention of participants. Merchants from all over the world have visited the Yilian booth for exchanges

although the exhibition is coming to an end, we still welcome you to visit the n428 booth to communicate with us. From Beijing to North America, we are still looking forward to meeting you

Yilian's new products have traveled across the sea to see you

on June 6, Yilian appeared at Infocomm America 2018, which opened in Las Vegas with cloud + end one-stop video solutions, attracting the attention of merchants from all over the world. Visitors gave high praise and affirmation to the appearance of Yilian's new products

Yilian booth has attracted many merchants

Infocomm America exhibition is fully called American International Audio Visual Technology and system integration exhibition. It is a top professional audio visual integration equipment and technology exhibition in North America organized by avixa, an internationally renowned audio visual professional organization. The exhibition is set to be held alternately in Orlando and Las Vegas, and is held once a year

as the world's largest and most influential industry event for audio-visual buyers and sellers. This year's exhibition attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and 44000 participants from 110 countries. The high-resolution structure can be reorganized and fixed into any shape after printing

infocomm America has a high-quality audience of professional audio-visual buyers and end-users. The exhibitors cover global professional audio-visual information technology brands. The exhibits bring together audio-visual technology solutions applied in education and training, transportation, security, medical treatment, entertainment, construction, enterprises and government departments. This year's exhibition will hold more than 300 educational seminars, manufacturer lectures, industry conferences, etc

infocomm USA is world-renowned in the fields of professional audio-visual, electronic system integration, lighting and sound, and intelligent building. It is the leading trade platform in the industry today, providing a valuable communication platform for audio-visual manufacturers and professional users

merchants are learning about Yilian cloud video solutions

merchants are learning about Yilian cloud video solutions

merchants are learning about Yilian cloud video solutions

as an international leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, Yilian has brought cloud video solutions and one-stop video terminals, etc. in cooperation with the explanations and demonstrations of on-site staff, visitors can experience security, professionalism Intelligent Yilian cloud video. The excellent products of Yilian have attracted the attention of buyers all over the world. On the first day of the exhibition alone, hundreds of visitors came to Yilian booth to hand over the design and implementation of the special device for microcomputer controlled electronic universal machine

at the scene, many European and American users have fully recognized the international leading strength of Yilian, and are full of expectations for the future prospects of Yilian's cloud video solutions and new products

next, let's take you to see what good things we have brought to Infocomm America this time

the on-site exhibition of Yilian cloud + end-to-end one-stop video communication solution

cloud platform, video conferencing is more comfortable

at present, global industrial upgrading is in full swing, and data technology, intelligent commerce, and cloud collaboration have become the transformation goals of all walks of life. Yilian cloud video, which came into being, has become the biggest highlight of this exhibition. In this Infocomm America exhibition, Yilian brought cloud video communication solutions such as self built private cloud with Yilian video conference server YMS as the core

Yilian video conference server YMS can meet the actual use needs of different enterprises, accelerate the transformation of enterprise communication, optimize the cost investment of enterprises, and then match with high-quality video terminals to organically combine high-quality voice, video and data information on the cloud + end collaboration platform to provide users with a better communication experience

one stop video to meet the needs of the whole scene

at the same time, Yilian also brought one-stop video terminal products to show customers solutions for different conference scenes

in addition to the second-generation heavyweight products vc800 and vc500 of Yilian video, this time we also brought a number of heavyweight terminal hardware products such as the recently released VC200, the super large conference room solution vc880, and the wireless screen transmission kit wpp20

Yilian cloud + end-to-end one-stop video solutions, covering the whole scene

Yilian video products cover video conference platforms and cloud services, conference room terminals, desktop video phones, PC soft terminals, and mobile apps, which can meet the needs of users in the whole scene of conference rooms, personal desktops, and mobile offices, and effectively help users improve operational efficiency and competitiveness

the deployment is super simple. The large space video

vc880 is also equipped with a special HDMI input access port, which supports third-party cameras or access to the video matrix. The input picture can be spliced and layout switched with the vcc22 camera picture; Equipped with professional RCA Audio input and output interface, it is integrated with the mixer and desktop gooseneck microphone system. One step deployment and management

simplify, intelligent cloud video terminal: VC200

Yilian Integrated Intelligent Cloud video terminal VC200 is designed for small conference rooms. It adopts 4K ultra clear lens, 103 super large viewing angle, and built-in 6 beamforming array microphones, which is extremely simple and plug and play

Yilian integrated VC200 intelligent video terminal

Yilian video conference wireless auxiliary transmission screen device: wpp20

Yilian wpp20 is a wireless auxiliary transmission screen device, which can instantly realize local screen projection or remote content sharing of the computer with a single click. 2 Influence of self weight on the experiment: the horizontal tensile testing machine can be used for large sample and full-scale experiments. It supports up to 8 devices connected at the same time and 4 devices on the screen at the same time

wpp20 one click projection demonstration

after reading the trends of this exhibition, do you want to know more about Yilian cloud + end-to-end one-stop video solutions

add a official account, click to read the original text, and you can sign up to participate in the 2018 Yilian cloud + end new product tour roadshow, and jointly experience the ultimate quality of Yilian video

about Yilian

Yilian (Stock Code: 300628) is an international leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, providing cloud + end video conferencing services for the world. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, has the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and has built a full scene, cloud integrated audio and video conferencing and collaboration solution. Yilian is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, and helping enterprises improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand yealink sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia, and its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world

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