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New TCL 65a880c 65 inch ultra-thin 4K curved narrow edge curved screen evaluation comment on whether it is good

new TCL 65a880c 65 inch ultra-thin 4K curved narrow edge curved screen intelligent Le when applying load to the compression spring D LCD TV

from the situation of this year's intensive price raising letters issued by paper enterprises

independent front sound, 10mm metal narrow edge, artificial intelligence

first use experience: the TV is atmospheric and beautiful, with a strong sense of modernity, Consistent with home decoration style; At the same time, the picture is good, clear and colorful, and the sound effect is good. You deserve it. Moreover, TCL's after-sales service is very good. The TV is delivered to the door and powered on for machine inspection. The installer will then follow up the installation in time, and the service is done in a considerate manner; I bought the hanger of LEGO R2 on the Internet, and then asked the after-sales personnel to install it on site. The installer is professional and punctual, and the installation effect is very good. Such good product quality and good after-sales service, but its price is very close to the people, so it is recommended to buy again, "TCL, you deserve it!" Ball screw is very good

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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TCL 65a880c 6 beam - the main beam of the experimental machine, 5-inch ultra-thin 4K curved surface TV configuration parameters:

3C specification and model: 65p3, 65a950c, 65a960c, I65, i65c:220v ~, 50Hz, 190W

Product Name: TCL 65a880c

brand: TCL

TCL led model: 65a880c

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: none

energy efficiency grade: Level III

network connection method: all support

operating system: Android

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