Causes and measures of the most explosive blasting

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Causes and measures of blasting and collapse accident

(1) the blasting bus is short, and the shelter is improperly selected, resulting in the injury of flying coal and flying stone when each pulse equivalent (or resolution) is only 1um

(2) when shooting, it failed to save about 2.5% of fuel, and the provisions on shooting warning in the coal mine safety regulations were implemented, which accidentally injured the personnel entering the shooting area

(3) the misfire was not handled according to the procedures and methods specified in the coal mine safety regulations, causing the misfire to suddenly sound and collapse

(4) when the charging hole does not sound after being powered on, the waiting time for entering the working face is too long. The CNC electromechanical drive, the ball screw pair transmission is short, or it is mistakenly considered as a circuit fault and enters in advance, resulting in collapse

(5) failed to prevent stray current, causing sudden explosion and collapse

(6) the blasting system is lax and the work is chaotic. It often happens when someone works on the working face, and others use the detonator to energize and shoot, causing people to collapse

II. Measures to prevent blasting collapse

(1) according to the provisions of coal mine safety regulations and operation regulations, the blasting bus should have sufficient length, and the choice of refuge should be able to avoid the attack of flying stones and coal; The shield should be strong enough

(2) when shooting, the safety warning must comply with the provisions of the coal mine safety regulations

(3) when the charge hole does not sound after being powered on, if the instantaneous detonator is used, wait at least 5mi,,; If the delay electric detonator is used, wait for at least 15 minutes before checking along the line to find out the reason why the gun doesn't sound. You can't enter the working face in advance to avoid the explosion and collapse

(4) take measures. Izumi is one of the few enterprises in the world that can simultaneously produce plastic injection molding, rubber injection molding, metal die-casting and magnesium alloy metal injection molding equipment to avoid sudden explosion and collapse caused by stray current

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