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I believe many stores are thinking, what shelves do I need to buy? How to choose the size, layout and style? Don't worry. The following content can solve most of your problems. Just give the small details to the trusted shelf manufacturer

what shelves are needed by the drugstore shelf factory [fushengda shelf] for a drugstore with an area of 80 square meters

I believe many stores are thinking, what shelves do I need to buy? How to choose the size, layout and style? Don't worry. The following content can solve most of your problems. Just give the small details to the trusted shelf manufacturer

opening a new drugstore and configuring drugstore shelves are closely related to drug sales, drug storage and the image of the drugstore. Recently, Foshan shelf factory fushengda shelf editor received a question about the commonly used shelves in pharmacies. Today, let's answer this question

pharmacies with different sizes and positioning need slightly different drugstore shelves. Today, the drugstore shelf manufacturer fushengda shelf takes the community drugstore with an area of 80 square meters as an example, and introduces eight common drugstore shelves through zoning. Let's look down at the

drugstore cash register: a multi-functional cash register that can place 1-2 cash registers and meet other operating spaces of clerks is essential, For an 80 square meter drugstore, it is enough to choose a cash register of about 1.8 meters.

drugstore layout design: located in the middle of the community drugstore, it is the display area of the main products of the drugstore, such as non drugs, health drugs, health food and convenience daily necessities. 4-6 groups of double-sided shelves in the drugstore and single-sided shelves in the drugstore can be used for display

double sided drugstore shelves: drugs can be displayed in an open manner, so that customers can have a more smooth and relaxed drug purchase experience. Four sides are displayed for small and medium-sized drugstores with a small area to improve the display efficiency

single sided drugstore shelves: place drugs against the wall, increase the display function for the wall and save the drug display space. In addition to displaying non drugs, it is also suitable for displaying -, health food, toilet paper, washing and cleaning supplies and other

- cabinets: in the 80ping community drugstore near the interior of the store, there is often an area for displaying drugs. Such drugs cannot be taken by customers themselves, so special cabinets with locked cabinet doors are needed for display

display in traditional Chinese medicine area of drugstores: with the improvement of health care awareness of community residents, many community drugstores have increased the sale of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and provided dispensing and decocting services for customers. The storage requirements of traditional Chinese medicine are high, so it is necessary to use a special traditional Chinese medicine cabinet for display.

traditional Chinese medicine cabinet: it is composed of a shorter traditional Chinese medicine front cabinet and a traditional Chinese medicine back cabinet. The all wooden cabinet body and medicine bucket allow the traditional Chinese medicine to be better stored.

ginseng antler cabinet: if your drugstore is located near the high-1 community, and the consumption level of residents is high, you may also need to configure such ginseng antler cabinet to display expensive traditional Chinese medicine tonics, Gorgeous light boxes and color matching will make nourishing herbs more texture

medical device cabinet/medical device shelf: medical devices are also one of the main commodities of community pharmacies. Select 1-2 groups of medical device shelves. The medical device cabinet on the left can display small medical devices (such as blood pressure meters), and the medical device shelf on the right is specially used to display large medical devices (such as wheelchairs)

leisure seats: 40% of the main customers of community pharmacies are middle-aged and elderly people. Choosing to put a group of such sofa seats next to the traditional Chinese medicine area or the medical equipment area next to the window is a very clever means to attract customers

comfortable and tidy drug display cannot be separated from professional drugstore shelves. Choosing the appropriate drugstore shelves for display will not only enable drugs to be better displayed and sold, but also save a purchase fund. The fashion shelf editor reminds you that you must make a good choice

the above is a summary of the shelves commonly used in small and medium-sized community pharmacies. If you want to know more cases of pharmacy display design, or there is a demand for wholesale of pharmacy shelves and customized cashier counters, you can consult fushengda shelf manufacturer: 15818056815

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