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A child's room decoration is always a challenge. Children grow up so fast that you can't know what they will like or need next year or even next month. At this time, we need a children's room that can be changed at will, whether it's a bedstead, a desk, or a wall

in addition to a long-term fixed bed, a bed that can be put away at any time is reserved in the room. It is embedded in the cabinet and can be erected when not in use. The partition board below is pulled out to be the workbench, so that children can have friends and so on without worrying about staying overnight

similarly, I made an article on the cabinet, stuffed the bed into the cabinet, and when it is put into the cabinet, it is the writing desk used in learning from the outside. The interior of the cabinet is also intimately designed with warm yellow light bars to ensure the light at the location of the bed

there should be enough playing space in the child's room, so it's best if the bedstead becomes a type that can be moved and placed at will. The back of the bedstead is also carefully designed, and the beautiful and elegant patterns are well integrated with the whole space

move the storage cabinet next to the desk, and put it down, it will be a very good bed, with a simple shelf above and a small learning area behind. It makes good use of every inch of space

the original area where the sofa is located is a hidden bed. With the decline of the wooden sofa, the bed becomes a step supporting the head of the bed, which well forms a comfortable bed

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