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How is paya doors and windows made? Founded in 1990, paya doors and windows is a professional manufacturer of high-end door and window products integrating design, R & D, production and sales

Founded in 1990, paya doors and windows is a professional manufacturer of high-end door and window products integrating design, R & D, production and sales

26 years speak with numbers

the company was established in 1990

26 years of brand history

4 large production bases

the annual output can exceed 2000000 ㎡

150000 ㎡ modern door and window production base

the production cycle is greatly shortened

outlets radiate across the country

more than 800 specialty stores in the country

the maximum area is more than 600 square meters

Layout 1 Red Star Macalline

incredibly home and other high-end home building materials stores in second tier cities

all media investment publicity

omni-directional three-dimensional advertising publicity of Guangzhou South Railway Station

advertisement of high-speed railway magazine "home and brand"

advertisement of airport high-end magazine "travel companion", and

China aluminum doors and windows magazine won the cover of the special issue of July

China Construction Expo for two consecutive years. Well known media platforms Sina home,

Sohu Home, Huiya, Tencent, portal, etc. competed to report

establish a wechat public platform to communicate smoothly with consumers

life beauty and comfortable experience are accumulated in this way.

in 1990,

entered the field of aluminum alloy doors and windows industry

in 1996, 3000 square meters of aluminum alloy door and window processing plant was established

in 1999, the first professional aluminum door manufacturer in China was born, producing sprayed single-layer glass swing doors


the first door opening in China using imported wood grain transfer printing, electrophoresis and crystal color technology


the first generation 108 Series hollow glass swing door in China


the first generation 108 Series hollow glass hanging door in China


China initiated the research and development of one-piece single side cased swing doors, and produced double side cased swing doors and small folding doors at the same time

in 2004, the new plant of Paiya, the largest aluminum door production base in China, was completed and put into use

in 2005,

developed and produced large folding doors


the first generation (cut 45 degrees) silver arc Series hollow glass swing doors in China

in 2007,

the first generation of Yinfeng Series hollow glass swing door in China, and the industry's first three track belt yarn net lower wheel push-pull


China initiated the research and development of the first generation of next-generation sliding door single-sided door pocket line, and took the lead in introducing sand faced wood grain series products in China


developed 1.6 triumph series, 2.0 Lingfeng series next wheel sliding doors, and produced Italian "Rocco" series aluminum windows


R & D of 1.6 triumphal series swing door and 1.6 Lingfeng series swing door


developed the second-generation "silver arc, silver front" series hollow glass swing door, 2.0 Lingyue series ultra wide hollow lower wheel sliding door, the second-generation door pocket line of lower wheel sliding door, "Yafeng" series aluminum window, and pioneered the research and development of 1.2, 1.6 lower wheel sliding wind resistant horizontal rail, Yafeng series casement window and sliding window

in 2012,

the construction of a large production base of aluminum alloy doors and windows with an area of more than 50000 square meters began, and the research and development of 1.3 leading wheel sliding doors, hanging doors, and single-layer sliding doors


R & D 2.5 Yuhua heavy sliding door, 1.6 Yuhua sliding door, 1.8 Yuhua heavy folding door, Yuhua sunshine room, the third generation door pocket line,

130 series broken bridge insulation one frame 2-leaf casement windows with steel sand mesh, 120 series broken bridge insulation tropical steel sand mesh sliding window, 70 series broken bridge insulation casement windows


R & D of 2.0 Yuwan heavy sliding door, 1.2 Yuwan swing door, 76 series non broken bridge sliding window, 118 series three track non broken bridge sliding window with emery mesh, and 106 series non broken bridge one frame and two sashes with emery mesh


R & D Yuwan series single-layer swing door...


start a new journey and continue brilliance

the R & D team of continuous independent innovation

paya doors and windows takes providing excellent products of heat insulation, thermal insulation, mute and energy saving as its R & D concept, has strong design ability, and has obtained more than 200 national patents. The product line covers 8 categories, including sunshine room, sliding door, large folding door, bridge broken thermal insulation casement window, sliding window, toilet door, kitchen hanging door, indoor partition door, etc., with more than 1000 products in 14 series. The original genuine copper bar inlay track absorbs, digests and inherits the classic inlay process of Chinese culture. The creation of paya that truly upgrades the manufacturing of paya

advanced manufacturing technology

paya doors and windows master the core manufacturing technology of doors and windows, constantly introduce world-class production equipment, adopt a full set of world-leading wood grain heat transfer curing technology and equipment imported from Germany, and combine the streamer and colorful glass technology. Under the reflection of light and shadow, every piece is a soul rich collection. Paya is the creator of customized door and window products and the setter of industrial product standards, and vigorously promotes intelligent production while ensuring consistent quality

brand positioning of high-end doors and windows

paya products are sold to high-end customers in more than 500 cities across the country and more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in high-end hotels, residences and government projects; After 26 years of precipitation and accumulation, we have received unanimous praise and trust from consumers, designers and hotel engineering users

paya's core technology has been inheriting the spirit of ingenuity for 26 years

treat consumers with sincerity and make consumers truly satisfied

paya's service system is a one-stop pre-sale, in sale and after-sale, which refines consumers' purchase process and reduces unnecessary time for consumers. After the consumers express their willingness to buy, there are specially assigned persons to come to the door, no matter far or near. Through on-site investigation, the most suitable door and window layout scheme is designed for free, the accurate size is measured, and finally the installation is carried out and accepted by the consumers. At the same time, they also promise to provide 1-year free warranty for hardware accessories, 2-year free warranty for doors and windows, and lifelong maintenance services. In order to achieve the greatest consumer satisfaction

our honor and certification

the company has won the honorary titles of Guangdong top ten brands of bedroom aluminum doors, chairman unit of China overall home furnishing alliance, 2014 China good doors and windows, chairman unit of aluminum doors and windows professional committee of Guangdong door industry association, etc., highlighting the leading brand and core competitiveness of paya doors and windows

the aesthetic feeling and comfortable experience of life lies in paya doors and windows

paya doors and windows, which has been created with ingenuity for 26 years, and provides high-end customers with door and window products in more than 500 cities across the country and more than 70 countries and regions around the world. In the future, paya doors and windows will continue to be dutiful, strive to contribute to the healthy development of China's door and window industry, and create a healthy and comfortable home life for consumers with professionalism and creativity




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