Summary of differentiated fiber market in Shengze

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Summary of differentiated fiber market in Shengze on February 13

the sales volume of differentiated cationic silk market is small, and the price trend is relatively stable. It is expected that the overall market of cationic silk will be adjusted in the future. At present, the downstream weaving focuses on the cationic silk varieties such as fdy63d, 75D and dty200d. The 80000 T/a polyester cationic chip device of Wujiang Xinsheng chemical fiber overhauled on February 2 is warming up from now on. After the formal completion, it can be safely used for more than 10 days of overhaul, and the silk will be produced on the 14th. Polyester/polyester composite pilot test, industrial demonstration and mass production are mainly conducted by enterprises within the alliance. The quotation of silk is stable, the sales are not ideal, and the profit making sales reproduce the market. The island composite wire market is stable. The market of polyester/nylon composite filament is weak and the demand is very small. It is expected that in the short term, the three composite wire markets will take the road of new blow molding machinery manufacturing, and the trading volume is expected to gradually form a small recovery momentum

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