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Summary and Prospect of viscose staple fiber market this week: rise first and then fall later subtle

this week (4..30), the viscose staple fiber market first rose steadily and then began to stop rising and falling. This week, the mainstream shipment of high-end manufacturers was RMB/ton, and the new orders were generally traded. Most of them were to complete the early orders for high-quality customers to pick up the goods; The mainstream middle-end shipment is RMB/ton, and the price is relatively strong at the beginning of the week, but some middle-end prices are loose at the end of the week. The importance of fixtures in the experimental machine can be seen from the beginning of early low prices; At present, the manufacturer's inventory remains low, and the support of raw materials makes the manufacturer reluctant to sell at a low price. May13,2015; Some downstream stocks are relatively high, about 20 days, while some are available at any time, slightly cautious, and the market is more subtle

in the early stage of the downstream yarn grey cloth market, although the delivery of goods has slightly improved, the overall market situation is still not optimistic. At present, some textile enterprises in the downstream maintain a high inventory of raw materials, and some take them with you. Their mentality is slightly cautious. However, from the perspective of positive factors, the stability and rebound of staple fiber raw materials have played a certain supporting role in viscose staple fiber. The staple fiber market suffered serious losses in the early stage, although it has rebounded, However, they are still in the range of underestimated values, which will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil and significantly improve its mechanical properties. In addition, the current inventory of manufacturers is at a low level

both negative and positive factors account for half, and the market may be deadlocked in the future, with a small probability of falling

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