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Summary of on-site installation experience of V-cone Flowmeter

I received a response from customers on site that this kind of plastic granulator equipment has a very serious environmental pollution, saying that when a V-cone Flowmeter ordered by other companies was put into use, the differential pressure transmitter showed a negative differential pressure value on site. At first, we thought it was a very simple problem, because according to previous experience, it could be basically determined that the problem was the wiring of the positive and negative pressure chambers of the differential pressure transmitter. However, the customer reported that the 3051 transmitter was used as the field differential pressure transmitter, and the wiring and zero calibration had been ensured that there were no problems. This made us very confused. Finally, after communication, it was generally determined that it was the measurement problem of the V-cone Flowmeter. The following is the inspection plan determined for the customer:

1. First, check the positive pressure impulse piping of V-cone Flowmeter to ensure that the impulse piping is unblocked. Check whether there is leakage, so the material requirements are very high. If such a problem occurs, the differential pressure transmitter will be pressurized in one direction, which will cause the above negative pressure phenomenon

2, the second serious problem is that the positive pressure port of the V-cone Flowmeter body is not well prepared by the manufacturer. On this issue, we have also communicated with the technical staff of our own manufacturer. If the positive pressure port welder is not well prepared, then the disguised positive pressure tapping is not smooth, which is basically the same as the above leakage principle

for the above situation, let's introduce how to solve it. In view of the leakage of the pressure tap, it is convenient to check that, on the other hand, it is limited by the development and manufacturing cost and process. Directly inject gas and observe the current situation of the pressure tap; If it is a welding problem, it will be troublesome. People who are familiar with the V-cone Flowmeter can operate it on site with the help of equipment. If it is not OK, the main products of the V-cone, such as tension, pressure, fatigue, wear, aging, hardness, plasticity, vulcanization, Mooney and other test instruments, flow meters, should be returned to the manufacturer for inspection and rework

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