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Summary of acquisition events of global coating enterprises in the first half of 2016

summary of acquisition events of global coating enterprises in the first half of 2016

June 23, 2016

[China coating information] in 2016, the pace of acquisition and merger among global coating enterprises has accelerated, including many major acquisition cases. From these cases, it is not difficult to find that the business field of coating enterprises has gradually extended to the upstream and downstream of the industry, and the accuracy and sensitivity of hardness testers are poor, moving towards the role of diversified and comprehensive solution service providers

BASF will acquire kemitel, a global surface treatment supplier on June 20, 2016, BASF signed an agreement with Albemarle to acquire kemitel, its global surface treatment supplier, for us $3.2 billion. After the approval of relevant departments, the transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, kemitel is a global leader in technology and innovation in the field of metal surface treatment. Kemitel has about 2500 employees worldwide and has 21 production bases, 10 R & D centers and 24 sales offices in more than 20 countries. In 2015, the sales volume was usd845million

ppg company announced the acquisition of coating service provider metokote

US PPG industry company recently announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire coating service provider metokote company. It is expected that the acquisition will be completed in the third quarter of 2016, and the financial details have not been disclosed yet. Metokote, headquartered in Lima, Ohio, has more than 1500 employees, with global sales of about $200million in 2015. The company mainly provides coating services for parts and assembled products at the production site of customers

jinlitai plans to acquire assets of 1billion yuan to quickly enter the Internet advertising business

jinlitai disclosed in the evening of June 2 that it plans to issue shares to the counterparty at a price of 991417800 yuan to purchase assets, thus indirectly holding 63.57% of the equity of Shanghai Yincheng culture media Co., Ltd. and becoming the indirect controlling shareholder of Yincheng media. After the completion of the transaction, the company's business Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd., a national large-scale experimental machine manufacturer, will quickly cut into the precise delivery and agency business of Internet advertising

RPM international of the United States has acquired all shares of cabolaine paint Dalian Co., Ltd.

RPM international of the United States recently announced that its carboline company has acquired the remaining 51% shares of its joint venture in China, Dalian cabolaine paint Co., Ltd., so as to achieve a wholly-owned shareholding in the company. Dalian cabolaine paint Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. In 2009, carboline acquired 49% of its equity, while unichemical, a long-term partner and product Licensor of carboline's Korean joint venture, still retained 51% of its equity. At present, the annual sales volume of Dalian cabolaine paint Co., Ltd. is about 11million US dollars. It mainly provides anti-corrosion coatings and lining coatings for many industries including offshore drilling, oil and gas, petrochemical, general manufacturing and original equipment manufacturing (OEM), nuclear power and conventional power generation

SYNTHOMER, a special chemical enterprise, announced that it would acquire the high-performance adhesives and coatings business unit (PAC) of Hansen with us $226million. The acquisition is expected to be completed this summer. Hansen high performance adhesives and coatings business unit mainly develops, produces and sells various dispersions, additives, powder coatings and special monomers. Its end customers include coatings, adhesives and other building materials. It has 750 employees worldwide and has seven production plants in Europe, the United States and Asia

Evonik acquired the special chemicals and coating additives business of air products with us $3.8 billion

Evonik industrial group will invest US $3.8 billion (about 3.5 billion euros) to acquire the special chemicals and coating additives business of American air products (belonging to its functional materials department). This acquisition will strengthen Evonik's leading position in the high margin market of specialty chemicals and paint additives. The transaction is planned to be completed by the end of this year and is expected to improve Evonik's earnings per share (EPS) in fiscal 2017

BASF agreed to acquire the assets of Guangdong Yinfan chemical automotive touch up paint

april20,2016 - BASF recently reached an asset acquisition agreement with Guangdong Yinfan Chemical Co., Ltd. ("Yinfan"). By acquiring this advanced automotive touch up paint production base in China, BASF will strengthen its local paint production network. At the same time, Yinfan's product series has been added to BASF's successful international brand series including parrot, R-M, baslac and Norbin, which will expand BASF's automotive touch up paint product portfolio in the Asia Pacific region

AkzoNobel purchased BASF's industrial coating business for 475million euros

Ludwigshafen, Germany - February 17, 2016 - BASF and AkzoNobel have reached a general agreement on AkzoNobel's acquisition of BASF's coating solution industrial coating business for 475million euros. The transaction will include the transfer of technology, patents, trademarks and two production bases, one in Deeside, UK and the other in vanderbijlpark, South Africa. BASF and AkzoNobel plan to confirm and sign detailed transaction documents at an appropriate time. At the same time, this planned transaction needs to be negotiated with employee representatives and approved by relevant regulatory agencies. BASF and AkzoNobel plan to complete this transaction by the end of 2016

Valspar acquired isva vernici, an Italian coil coating manufacturer, and announced that it had completed the acquisition of isva vernici, a European coil coating manufacturer. Isva was first established in 1828 and headquartered in Turin, Italy. Since 1931, the company has focused on the production of high-end industrial coatings. Due to its continuous research and development in products and processes, it has been able to maintain a unique position in the regional coating market for a long time

Orion has wholly acquired Qingdao Evonik Chemical Co., Ltd.

Orion engineering Carbon Co., Ltd. recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of the remaining 33% of the shares of Qingdao Evonik Chemical Co., Ltd. (qecc), thus realizing the wholly-owned control of the company. Qingdao Evonik Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in april1994 with the joint investment of Degussa, DEG and Qingdao Zhenya carbon black group. Its headquarters was set up in Qingdao, Shandong Province. The company introduces the equipment and process technology of Degussa, with an annual production capacity of about 75000 tons. At present, it has three carbon black production lines, and uses wet granulation DCS control technology to produce high-end carbon black products

Nippon Paint wholly acquired German automotive paint manufacturer B k

Nippon Paint announced that it had completed the acquisition of another 49% of the shares of German automotive paint manufacturer bollig kempergmbh (b k), thus realizing 100% control of the company, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Paint. B k has deep-rooted production plants in Cologne, Germany and Fleur, France, which can not be shaken by any strong wind and rain. Nippon hopes to further expand its business space in European automobile manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and PSA Peugeot Citroen

GSK acquires specialtycoatingsystems, Inc.

an internationally renowned supplier of high-quality materials, products and services kiscotd Announced the official acquisition of the global leader in the field of poly (p-xylene) coating services and technologies. With the development of science and technology and the emergence of some complex artifacts such as vinyl and glass fiber, and the use of modified plastics, specialtycoatingsystems, Inc. As two well-known brands in this field, KISCO has more than 18 years of operation history in the poly-p-xylene market, and has strong material science and development capabilities. SCS has accumulated a certain reputation as early as the start of the poly-p-xylene industry, and has made outstanding contributions to the expansion of the world's poly-p-xylene market

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