Summary of mergers and acquisitions of global coat

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Summary of mergers and acquisitions of global coating manufacturers in 2014

summary of mergers and acquisitions of global coating manufacturers in 2014

january 12, 2015

[China coating information]

january 2014

1 Nippon China announced that it would acquire the European dragon paint brand under dejialang camel and the product technology and channels covered by the brand in the form of "asset acquisition" on January 15, 2014. After the acquisition, Nippon China will fully take over the operation of the European dragon paint brand in the market. According to the insider of oulong paint, Nippon's purchase price for oulong is 150million yuan. Zhongzhonglin, President of Nippon China, said: "Nippon China will complete the asset acquisition plan for the European dragon paint brand in the first quarter of 2014, and will integrate and adjust its advantages in product technology and sales channels. At the same time, it will maintain the independence of the European dragon paint brand in the market. It is expected that through the steady development of Nippon and European dragon paint brands, it will meet various needs from more consumers and insiders."

On March 13, 2014, PPG industries announced that it had completed the acquisition of most of the assets of hi temp Coating Technology Co., Inc. (HI tempcoatingst can provide 100 LB experimental load). The specific financial terms were not disclosed. It is understood that hi temp is a private enterprise that supplies high-temperature resistant and insulating coatings. Its headquarters are located in boxborough, Massachusetts. The acquisition business will be included in the coating products for protecting carbon steel and stainless steel substrates under extreme high temperature environment, so as to further enrich the product portfolio of PPG industrial protection and marine coatings. The coatings produced by hi temp can be widely used in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, power plants and other enterprises

may, 2014

3 On May 15, Japan Kansai Coatings Co., Ltd. announced that it had acquired the PLC manufacturing office of the local coating production and sales company in Selangor through its Malaysian subsidiary, and planned to strengthen the coating business in Asia with good development prospects. Kansai coating has obtained 76% of the issued shares from the existing shareholders of PLC, and the purchase amount has not been announced. PLC is mainly engaged in anti-corrosion coating for oil and natural gas related equipment. It was founded in 1995, with sales of about 300million yen and net profit of about 40million yen in fiscal year 2013

june 2014

4 In June, California Products Corporation announced the successful acquisition of reboundacesport, Australia's first sports venue coating brand, rebound ace sports, which became the third brand of California products group. This is another major merger of California coatings in recent years after the merger of Kentucky progress coatings. In the past 80 years, California coatings has successively merged many enterprises, including carmote coating company, wibur picture source: Williams high performance coating company of Massachusetts Institute of technology, ox line coating company, and colorize coating company of grow group. These mergers not only greatly improve the production capacity of California coatings, but also make California products more complete, The business scope is not expanded, and the relative humidity is kept at 60 ± 5%

august, 2014

5 Wudenan Group acquired Nippon Nippon in August, 2014, wudenan group, a famous Asian coating manufacturer, increased its voting rights in Nippon coating from 14.82% to 20.35% by purchasing shares in the market. So far, RI Tu has officially become a subsidiary of Wu Denan group and a new member of Lishi Group Asia, the parent company of Nippon China. Wudenan group has completed the holding of Nippon through the Nippon group. After the acquisition, Nippon is likely to become one of the world's top ten coating suppliers in 2015, and is even expected to enter the top five

september, 2014

6 AkzoNobel creates a new high-performance coating business structure on September 1, AkzoNobel announced that it would create a new organizational structure in the field of high-performance coating business to achieve outstanding performance. The streamlined new organizational structure will reduce the global management level and is expected to be put into operation in january2015. After the adjustment, the high-performance coating business area will include seven strategic market business groups, which will be directly led by the management committee member kangruide. The seven business groups will focus on the customer areas and technologies of each segment, including marine coatings, metal coatings, powder coatings, protective coatings, special coatings, automotive repair coatings and wood coatings

october, 2014

7 FeiKai materials' acquisition of Huizhou Jiayu coating

FeiKai materials announced in the evening of October 30 that the company had recently signed a letter of intent for equity acquisition with Jiayu coating Hong Kong Co., Ltd. The company plans to acquire 100% of the equity of Jiayu coating (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. held by Jiayu Hong Kong with its own funds. With a registered capital of HK $10million, Jiayu coatings (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. produces and sells chemical products such as coatings, paints, Tianna water and solvents, and its products are sold in domestic and foreign markets

november, 2014

g industry completed the acquisition of Comex in Mexico

on November 7, PPG industry announced that it had completed the acquisition of consorcio Comex, a Mexican architectural coating manufacturer, C.V company ("Comex"), with a total value of US $2.3 billion. COMEX is mainly engaged in the production and sales of coatings and related products, which are sold to Mexico and the whole Central America. The company owns about 3700 stores, of which more than 700 are franchised stores. COMEX also sells products to customers through regional retailers, wholesalers and direct sales channels. At present, the company has about 3900 employees, 8 production plants and 6 distribution centers, with sales of about US $1billion in 2013

december 2014

9 On December 22, Haihong old man announced that it had purchased Dutch 3-yuan copolymer polypropylene film, transparent impact polypropylene, rapid prototyping transparent polypropylene and other high-end polyolefin products to replace 205000 tons of imported products. Schaepman's lakfabrieken B.V, a supplier of industrial, protective and decorative coatings, has been replaced. This acquisition is a part of one Hempel – oneambition, a five-year development strategy of Haihong elderly, and helps Haihong elderly achieve its goal of becoming one of the world's top ten paint suppliers by the end of 2015

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