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Selective recommendation of professional AC charging stations creates brilliant "Zhisheng Kegong"

selective recommendation of professional AC charging stations.

under the background of the rapid rise of major portal e-commerce, China's retail industry has entered a transformation, and the purchase is for the daily needs of consumers. However, with the continuous expansion of the purchase scale, it is calculated that China will produce more than 14 billion express parcels and AC charging stations every year. The huge market has led to a surge in the number of urban logistics vehicles, followed by an increase in pollutant emissions year by year. Moreover, traditional fuel logistics vehicles also have many problems, such as high purchase costs, increasing fuel costs year by year, poor peak capacity and so on. With the rise of new energy vehicles, the electrification of logistics vehicles has become a general trend

can the electrification of logistics vehicles in AC charging stations solve the emission problem of urban logistics vehicles? Statistics show that the average charging capacity of a new energy logistics vehicle is 83 kW/h, and it can travel 150 to 200 kilometers. If the fuel logistics vehicle needs to consume 12 to 15 liters of diesel, according to the data provided by BP China carbon emission calculator, the carbon dioxide emission of 15 liters of diesel is 36.45 kg. Therefore, according to the data analysis of 2018, the annual number of new energy logistics vehicles in China is 132000, and the daily carbon dioxide emission reduction alone has reached 4811.4 tons

AC charging station in such an environment, new energy vehicles will usher in huge business opportunities

AC charging station Shenzhen zhishengke IOT Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company focusing on product sales, engineering construction, project operation and labor dispatch. Its business scope specifically includes the sales and engineering installation of new energy vehicle charging facilities, parking facilities, three-dimensional garage facilities, electrical equipment, distribution cabinets, high and low voltage switches, photovoltaic facilities, UPS uninterrupted facilities; Housing construction engineering construction; Building electromechanical design and installation construction; Construction of installation and repair power facilities; Architectural decoration design and construction; Electronic and intelligent design and installation construction*** Design, construction and maintenance of technical prevention system; Computer system integration; Steel structure engineering; Municipal Engineering; Highway and subgrade; Landscape engineering; Operation of charging facilities for new energy vehicles; Operation of parking lot and three-dimensional garage facilities; Electronic Commerce; artificial intelligence; robot; Water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering; Labor dispatch, etc

from the perspective of payment convenience, the payment methods of 22 common charging pile operators are not unified. According to the survey in Guangzhou, only 18.18% of the operators support official app, official account and physical card, and 31.82% of the charge point operators only support a single payment method

weishiqin, an AC charging station, said that the white paper is a field visit to the infrastructure construction and operation of popular cities with the rising attention of China's mainstream electric vehicle development market from the perspective of users. Through the investigation, collection, collation and analysis of infrastructure data, it is hoped that the white paper can provide a reasonable layout, optimized utilization, accurate management As well as the use of norms and other aspects to provide evidence-based reference; At the same time, it helps to reduce or even avoid the occurrence and deterioration of fuel vehicle occupancy and charging pile damage, and reduces resource waste and disorderly development. In the future, we also hope to provide users and operators with more detailed and accurate reference data through the white paper, so as to promote the utilization rate of urban infrastructure and the efficiency of urban electric travel, and work with industry colleagues to promote the construction and development of charging infrastructure in China

professional AC charging stations are recommended.

AC charging station electric vehicle AC charging pile refers to a special power supply device that uses conduction mode to provide AC power for electric vehicles with on-board chargers. Charging pile is a kind of electric vehicle charging and changing facilities. The rated power of single-phase charging pile is 7KW, which is mainly suitable for charging small passenger vehicles (pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). According to the battery capacity of the vehicle configuration, it usually takes 3-8 hours to fully charge

the rated power of the three-phase AC charging pile of the AC charging station is 43kw (some stations report 44kw)! Most of the three-phase AC charging piles are European electric vehicles, and the general requirements for fast charging are: half an hour charging to 80% of the battery capacity

AC charging station AC charging pile operators are uneven, and there are many problems in the operation of charging piles

AC charging station from the current situation of the operation of charging facilities of urban operators, large operators such as power, China Putian, telay, Xingxing charging, Evian energy, Shanghai Anyue and so on account for a high proportion of charging stations in each city

weishiqin of AC charging station pointed out that during the preparation and research of the white paper, 39.38% of the charging piles were occupied by fuel vehicles on average, of which more than half were occupied by fuel vehicles, and 47.58% of the charging stations were unusable. From the situation of the five operators with large coverage, the proportion was not ideal

the white paper of AC charging station takes Shenzhen as a sample city to visit and investigate the perfection of the ancillary facilities of the four charging infrastructure, and finds that Evian energy performs better as one of the major operators. First of all, from the gate of the community to the location of the charging pile, only 18.99% of the charging stations have set up signs along the way. The subsequent investment has made the total financing reach 28.56 million pounds, and 52 charging stations have set up parking spaces. Some charging stations of 10 operators have special personnel responsible for the daily maintenance of the charging pile and the owner's service. In addition, 15 operators have set up exclusive parking spaces for charging, accounting for 19.41%

professional AC charging stations are recommended. New energy vehicles in AC charging stations are different from traditional fuel vehicles, especially in the charging link. Fuel vehicles have special gas stations to supplement energy for vehicles, and the overall refueling link has been very mature. However, charging stations are an emerging industry, and the relevant standards and operating processes are constantly being explored. Although there are a large number of public charging stations and private charging piles, due to cost, time cost, charging security and other considerations, electric logistics vehicles need to build independent charging stations to provide charging services for logistics vehicles

AC charging stations, such as, Cainiao, and other enterprises, have built exclusive charging stations while electrification of logistics vehicles. However, unlike traditional gas stations, the construction of charging stations is only one aspect, and how to operate better now is the other aspect that is more important

throughout the industry, the charging facility operation and management enterprise cloud platform created by Zhongchuang technology e-charge is an early product to provide services for charging station operation enterprises in China. E-charging enterprise cloud platform can help operating enterprises quickly integrate into the government regulatory system, realize interconnection, enjoy industrial policy dividends, save operating costs, improve operational efficiency, and quickly help operators build service systems, ensure data security, and solve operational problems. Up to now, e-charging enterprise cloud platform has provided services for, ririshun technology, Beijing Miyun bus and other enterprises. In addition, in order to facilitate the demand for temporary power replenishment of electric logistics vehicles, the e-charging app has specially opened a station inquiry route for the charging of logistics vehicles to help electric logistics vehicles solve the puzzle of charging difficulties and better promote the development pace of electrification of logistics vehicles

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