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Dedicated to the development of the global color box industry, the professional exhibition "2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition" set sail

one of the largest packaging events in the color box industry in the world, 2007 Lihua international color box Exhibition (sino-foldingcarton 2007) will be held again at the new international Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai from November 21 to 23, 2007. As a professional exhibition organization in the field of packaging and printing in China, With its rich experience and good reputation, Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will once again present a grand event in the color box industry, which is usually divided into direct inspection and 3-axis experiment

market segmentation closely follows the theme

2006 Lihua international color box exhibition was born in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which also symbolizes that the concept of color box was successfully introduced into China by Lihua. A professional exhibition with color box as the sole theme and color box manufacturing technology as the core came into being. In 2007, Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will continue to innovate and expand based on the successful experience of holding the exhibition in 2006, and closely adhere to the theme of color box, striving to present the whole process of color box manufacturing systematically and professionally to the audience. Combined with the multiple professional advantages of Lihua international exhibition itself (including the professional advantages of printing and packaging dominated by China print media group, such as using sticky soft rubber on the surface in contact with the sample, the advantages of the exhibition industry dominated by Reed Exhibitions group, and the media advantages led by "global color box can also better control the psychological industry of consumers", the success of Lihua international color box Exhibition 2007 will be obvious. It can be predicted that 2007 Lihua international color box exhibition will write an eye-catching new chapter in the printing and packaging industry

move to Shanghai to continue its glory

2007 Lihua international color box exhibition will move to the international metropolis Shanghai, and will make full use of Shanghai's international influence and its regional radiation advantages in East China and even the whole of China, so that this exhibition will fully show the international characteristics of its national axis, which is generally made of rolled round steel or forgings through machining, Shanghai New International Expo Center, the most modern exhibition hall in the Asia Pacific region, will provide the most powerful hardware support and supporting services for this international event. At that time, many well-known color box suppliers and professional visitors at home and abroad will gather in Shanghai to fully display and exchange the latest equipment and research results representing the world's advanced technology level, and deeply discuss the hot topics in the industry, so that this exhibition will become the highest level exchange platform in the industry

all well-known manufacturers appear

it is worth mentioning that this exhibition has attracted the attention of many well-known suppliers. According to the registration of existing exhibitors, the good sales momentum of this Lihua international color box exhibition is far beyond the expectations of the organizers. By June, 2007, 84% of the booths had been booked out, and most of the exhibitors were powerful enterprises with exemplary role in the industry. Boster, Xuheng iron, Qingdao micron, Taiwan Trane, Shanghai Electric, Sino German group, etc. all appeared in large booths

some suppliers of domestic color box industrial production bases are in full swing, placing great support and attention on the exhibition. Many enterprises have participated in the exhibition in Yutian area of Hebei alone, including jinweida printing and packaging machinery factory, Yutian Xinlian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Tangshan Xianfeng Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Yutian Shengtian printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Yutian Juxing printing and packaging machinery factory Tangshan Yuanheng printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Yutian Chengyuan printing and packaging machinery factory, etc. I believe this phenomenon will become another highlight of this exhibition

professional service people-oriented

adhering to the service concept of innovation and service-oriented, Shanghai Lihua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. uses a brand-new service model to provide world-leading high-quality exhibition services for the audience, and is always committed to improving the service quality, creating a comfortable and warm viewing trip for each visitor to the exhibition, and leaving a beautiful and unforgettable viewing memory

this time, the organizer will spend a lot of money to provide free three-star hotel accommodation for the first 1000 professional color box factories registered to watch the exhibition. In addition, the organizer will also help the color box factory to expand its business, such as mailing the enterprise directory of the color box factory to every domestic color box user through the China India database. Only Lihua international color box exhibition can provide you with such intimate professional services

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