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Products such as "character", Great Wall lubricants use action to interpret integrity to build an enterprise

products such as "character", Great Wall lubricants use action to interpret integrity to build an enterprise

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the ancients said, "the way of business is honesty, and the way of profit is faith." Honesty and trustworthiness is not only the second "ID card" of citizens, but also the premise for enterprises to fight the market. Recently, the national "star of integrity" hosted by the Central Propaganda Department and the national development and Reform Commission was heavily released. Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, with its long-term quality reputation in society and industry and its positive contributions to the country, has become the first and only brand in China's lubricant industry to win the "star of integrity". On December 1, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants won the "star of integrity" award at the "star of integrity" award ceremony of CCTV financial channel. It is the only enterprise winner in the award ceremony

"in the past 60 years, from the two bombs and one satellite to the Shenzhou spacecraft, from the high-speed railway Fuxing to the polar scientific research ship, they have passed on their dedication and rigorous scientific attitude from generation to generation, and become a well deserved mainstay behind the heavy weapons of a big country." In the special report of CCTV finance and economics, the "integrity" of Great Wall lubricating oil was highly affirmed. As the leader of Chinese brands, over the years, Sinopec lubricant company has established itself with "faith" and "every drop of oil is a commitment" to deliver cutting-edge technology for heavy equipment in large countries, and has fixed the value of "operating in good faith, performing contracts and keeping reputation" at the decision-making level, infiltrated managers, and extended to all employees, making it a conscious action of one mind by its cadres and employees, It is widely recognized by peers and consumers in the industry

2018 integrity star award ceremony site map

with "quality" as the background, draw a blueprint for technological innovation

as the founder of China's aerospace lubrication technology, since the early 1960s, Great Wall lubricants has provided strong lubrication support and guarantee for the construction of a large Aerospace country, nurturing the spirit of patriotism, dedication, commitment, continuous pursuit of innovation, and the work style of innovation, excellence, and quality as life, It encourages generation after generation to carefully build a "high-quality, high-tech, international" brand. Adhering to the values of "honest management is the right way" and the quality concept of "no sacrifice of quality at any time for economic efficiency (6) benefits after the completion of the experiment", adhering to the quality policy of "quality is always one step ahead" and the quality goal of "high quality, sufficient quantity and customer satisfaction", we have obtained the certification first in the industry and strictly implemented the iso/ts16949 and HSE management system collectivization certification, GJB9001A national military standard quality management system certification, We always provide high-quality products and services for the market and customers with requirements higher than the national standard. "Chinese famous brand", "national inspection free products", the "pilot unit of quality development" of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the nomination award of the second China Quality Award, the nomination award of the Beijing Municipal Government Quality Award, and the "quality trustworthy unit" of the Beijing Association for quality Assurance... Countless honors have been "added", which also confirms that great wall lubricants continues to endow "products as human qualities" with new era connotation with its own actions

in the 60 year development track of Great Wall lubricating oil, the "products" here are not only "hard products" such as machinery, equipment and lubricating oil, but also "soft products" obtained by manpower, wisdom and investment measured by its service quality and user satisfaction, that is, some of its industries have completed mass production, high reputation and excellent market reputation. To improve the quality of "products" and win the support and trust of market users, we need to have a solid technological innovation ability as the "backing"

based on the technical reserves accumulated in serving China's aerospace and national defense industries, Great Wall lubricants are more actively feeding civil use. A series of cutting-edge products such as "JINJIXING" gasoline engine oil and "Zunlong" diesel engine oil have reliable quality and outstanding performance advantages. They not only take the posture of "light of domestic products" as their own fans, but also shoulder the important task of leading the quality innovation of Chinese lubricant brands and competing with international giants. In the view of great wall, only high-quality products and services can make users feel the same, only unremitting innovative technology research and development to improve product quality, can we win more initiative in the market competition

in the era of consumption upgrading, quality and service are the basis for the rapid development of the brand, and integrity and reputation are its backbone and pulse. It is reported that the 2018 c-bpi (China brand power index) list has been released. Great wall lubricant has led other domestic and foreign brands for eight consecutive years, ranking first in the brand power of the industry. At the same time, it once again pocketed the honor of "golden brand" and formed a "golden brand alliance" with Huawei, Gree, Lenovo and other world-class Chinese brands. In the previous market terminal research links of "lubtop annual general review list of China's lubricant industry" sponsored by China Lubricant information (), and "lubricant market" magazine, Great Wall Lubricant's market reputation and customer loyalty are strong against international brands, ranking at the forefront of the industry, and is the strength winner of the annual "most popular brand". In this year's "e-commerce shopping Carnival" on the double 11, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants again ranked first in the sales of tmall gasoline engine oil with its ultra-high product performance advantages and user loyalty. The cumulative sales of "star product" JINJIXING 5W-30 gasoline engine oil reached 100000 liters, becoming the best model for Chinese lubricant brands to gallop the online market

take on the mission of "" and build a "circle of friends" of high-end manufacturing

it is not so much that great wall has well implemented the and mission of an honest enterprise in its development that the rigorous and pragmatic spirit of serving China's aerospace industry has long been inherited and integrated into the blood of Great Wall lubricants. Around "made in China 2025", Vertical universal wear testing machine: This equipment is equipped with many friction pairs. Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil, with the original intention and mission of "serving national development and building a world-class", has become the invisible force behind a series of "great power heavy weapons" such as "Fuxing", VLCC, robot manufacturing, etc., and is a well deserved supporter, participant and supporter of lubrication technology for China's high-end manufacturing

'big country heavy equipment' must be firmly in their own hands, and the lubrication technology required by big country heavy equipment must also be firmly in their own hands, which is the responsibility of our central enterprises. We are confident and capable, and are more willing to provide better lubrication technical support and services for the upgrading of high-end equipment in China and the full implementation and successful completion of the made in China 2025 plan! " This is the wonderful declaration of Great Wall lubricants to practice "every drop of oil is a promise" under the new industry demand in the new era, and it is also the confidence and confidence of industry leaders

as the only enterprise in China with a complete technical chain of synthetic lubricating grease, Great Wall lubricating oil has established strategic cooperation with a series of domestic well-known high-end manufacturing leading enterprises, including CRRC, Sany Heavy Industry, Chery group, and China heavy truck, to customize lubrication solutions for power, coal, cement, paper, metallurgy, engineering machinery, railway and other industries, With the growth of "made in China", it has accumulated strong scientific research strength and rich supporting service experience in various industries. Nowadays, Great Wall lubricants are in the leading position in the industry in the fields of base oil synthesis, independent additive research and development, special lubricant technology, long-life lubrication and sealing technology, etc

with the national "the Belt and Road" policy, China's high-end manufacturing has achieved rapid development in overseas markets in recent years. As the "blood of China" flowing through it, Great Wall lubricating oil established itself with "faith", sold its products to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, actively cooperated with the pace of the "national team" made in China, realized the derivation of the value chain, and helped the precise input of high-end manufacturing products and production capacity in the local market, in China railway construction, China tunnel, China Road and bridge More than 60 Chinese funded enterprise partners such as Harbin Electric Power Co., Ltd. are branded with the brand mark of "adhering to quality and continuous innovation"

2018 live picture of the star of integrity award ceremony

Confucius said, "people have no faith, I don't know how to do it", the poet said "three cups of promise, the five mountains are light", and the folk said "once a word is spoken, it's impossible to trace it.". For thousands of years, the good news of "a promise is worth a thousand dollars" has been heard all the time. After a long and heavy history, integrity has emerged, and it is shining with pure gold in today's business environment. Looking at the global battle of made in China, Sinopec Great Wall lubricant has become an important force to promote the development of the industry and lead the trend of lubrication technology with its unremitting pursuit of technological innovation, the maximization of customer demand, and the adherence to and responsibility for quality. Let's keep up with Sinopec Great Wall lubricating oil, the "star of integrity", and interpret integrity and build an enterprise with actions; Let us all be honest people and cheer for a better life; Let's call for the spring breeze of integrity to green the entire Chinese lubricant industry, create a good industry atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality, attaches importance to quality, pursues quality, creates quality and enjoys quality, and add "oil" to promote the construction of a quality power

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