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Professional cast iron repair cold welding machine

sh-07 professional cast iron defect repair cold welding machine main features and application scope casting is the basic process technology of mechanical manufacturing. Due to various reasons, there will be various defects in the production process, and the scrap rate is high. In addition, iron castings in various mechanical equipment are easily damaged in the process of use. Due to the poor weldability of cast iron, there are often pores after welding, which are easy to deform, fracture, difficult to process, and easy to produce white cast iron and welding cracks, which bring certain difficulties to the repair of castings. For the defect repair of cast iron castings, there is no theory and method to solve the problems of white cast iron, hot cracks, deformation and processability in the welding repair process Welding repair of iron castings is a big problem for enterprises. In order to solve the above problems, after more than two years of disdainful efforts, the technicians of Sanhe company finally developed sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine after thousands of experiments on the performance of cast iron. Sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine adopts advanced electronic technology and digital control technology to improve the process performance of welding waveform and arc, and comprehensively solve the problems of poor welding performance of cast iron products, such as frequent pores after welding, easy deformation, easy fracture, easy to produce white cast iron and welding cracks. Sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine is used for the welding and repair of various cast iron products, such as nodular iron castings, gray iron castings, malleable iron and white iron. It has the advantages of high welding efficiency, good quality, low cost, convenient operation, high weldability, small welding heat affected zone, no deformation of workpiece, beautiful weld formation, etc. Sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine solves the following problems theoretically and technologically: (1) the white cast iron problem is solved: sh-07 cast iron repair welding machine adopts a special arc welding power supply, and uses digital control technology to accurately control the welding current and welding time, so as to improve the welding waveform and arc process performance. According to our thousands of test data, sh-07 type can not only reduce the heat input in the welding area and keep its temperature relatively low, but also realize spray transition by using the average current lower than the critical current of spray transition, and the volume of molten pool is greatly reduced. From the metallographic analysis of the hardened layer in the fusion zone between the base metal and the welding rod, the thickness of the white layer is generally not more than 0.06mm. According to international practice, the effect of the thickness of the white layer on the shrinkage is more obvious than 1mm if the temperature dispersion of the small mold, which has no effect on the cutting tools for casting processing, and can be basically ignored. (2) The problem of welding cracks in cast iron cold welding process is solved: welding repair is the local rapid heating of cast iron, so uneven temperature is inevitable. When the thermal stress is greater than the tensile strength of the cast iron of the weldment, thermal cracks will inevitably occur. Sh-07 due to the high instantaneous current density, the welding pulse current time is very short (generally less than 0.05s), and the cast iron cold welding rod commonly used in the market (such as Z308, Z408, etc.) is used. It can significantly reduce the heat affected zone, improve the weld formation and reduce the stress, so as to most effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks, and significantly reduce the hardness of the fusion zone. It can not damage the original machining accuracy, and the color of the repair welding area is basically the same as that of the base metal, which is suitable for the welding repair of all kinds of complex thin-walled parts. (3) The problem of fusibility has been solved: the sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine adopts pulse spray transition during the welding repair process, which promotes the combustion of graphite. The CO produced by combustion can promote the boiling of molten pool and greatly change the fusibility. The weld structure is fully integrated with the matrix structure and closely combined. Sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine is a cast iron defect repair equipment combined with metallurgy. Due to the use of pulse arc (very low heat input), there is no undercut and collapse, with small stress and small heat affected zone. Sh-07 cast iron repair welding machine, the first of our company in China, solves the fundamental problem of cast iron repair welding, so that the repair welding process is no longer complex. Generally, welders can calmly implement the repair welding work, thus improving production efficiency, saving a lot of energy and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, the company is applying for a national invention patent. When sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine repairs the defects on the machined and non machined surfaces of cast iron castings, it does not preheat before welding, and does not heat treat after welding. After welding, it can be polished directly or machined, including drilling holes and tapping in the welding area, ensuring the machining accuracy of its 246 foundation, and making the color of the welding area consistent with the base metal more conveniently. The repair method of defects on the machined surface of cast iron castings is to make grooves at the parts to be welded to make the groove surface shiny, so that the welding arc can burn anywhere on the groove surface. The selection principle of welding specifications is to use this sh-07 cast iron repair welding machine and 2.5 cast iron welding rods to weld at room temperature on the premise of ensuring fusion. Welding 5. Paper tensile testing machine: paper needs to test tensile strength, ring compression strength, vertical pressure, flat pressure, edge pressure Peel strength and other work shall be carried out according to the welding essentials of cast iron cold welding process. The welding process of sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine is simpler than that of ordinary electric welding technology, and it is easier for welders to master. On the premise of no preheating before welding and no heat treatment after welding, the machine can be directly used for cutting and processing after welding, which has higher production efficiency and saves material costs and electric energy after the completion and operation of the 600000 ton high-precision aluminum project of Yulian group. Sh-07 precision cast iron repair welding machine is a kind of welding machine developed on the basis of manual arc welding machine, so it also has the function of manual arc welding machine

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