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"Product + service" brings differentiated competitive advantages to coating enterprises

"product + service" brings differentiated competitive advantages to coating enterprises

May 8, 2015

[China coating information] coating manufacturers should not only provide solutions for downstream manufacturers, but also solve problems for dealers, but also provide after-sales services for consumers

from the coating enterprises participating in Dongguan famous furniture exhibition, zhanchen provides downstream customers with a package of environmental protection coating solutions combining water-based, UV and water-based UV. China Resources has strengthened the 4C service quality solution, Huilong has created a UV environmental protection coating solution, and Clivia provides a solution that perfectly combines water-based paint and wood... This shows that while improving product quality, At the same time, it emphasizes the improvement of service quality and level

in the service link, in order to open up new customers, especially in the "software" links such as R & D, after-sales service, painting and technology, it is the new normal of enterprise development. The coating system in Northrop Grumman is like a flytrap that can quickly close when prey approaches. For this link in the 10th commercial supply service mission of geese spacecraft, it is in the link with low added value in the whole industrial chain. Once new products are released, they may be imitated and copied immediately, and cannot form a lasting competitive advantage. But the service is difficult to copy. Enterprises without strength can't imitate it if they want to. Once the service industry chain is formed, enterprises can obtain differentiated competitive advantages for a long period of time

therefore, if coating enterprises or dealers with their own brands want to obtain differentiated competitive advantages, they must start from the production and manufacturing links and extend to the service links such as R & D, solutions, coating and technology, so as to transform the value chain from manufacturing to service. This is also the thinking and direction of zhanchen, Huilong and other enterprises

the service upgrading of the coating industry is based on the upgrading of product quality and technology. With the increasingly fierce market competition, consumers' quality requirements, environmental protection requirements and awareness of rights protection continue to improve. Service will become one of the important factors for products to attract consumers

therefore, good service is also the key for paint brands to gain market reputation. In addition to providing services to downstream manufacturers and distributors, enterprises should also provide services to consumers. During the period of rapid development, some enterprises often find it difficult to give consideration to both. They think that everything will be fine if they serve downstream customers and dealers well. Others can be put aside first, which only shows that the service level of enterprises can't keep up

in the era of Internet, the speed of information dissemination is fast, and it hardly needs a large media platform, and Weibo can spread the consumption experience. Once consumers are dissatisfied with the product quality and disappointed with the after-sales service, first, to avoid damaging the top two bad reviews of the oil needle, it will bring hard damage to the brand image

according to the 2015 "315 after sales service survey of household enterprises", the average score of the coating industry was 76.36, 8.46 points higher than last year. The after-sales service connection rate, attitude praise rate and problem solving rate have all been greatly improved. But there are also individual brands, and the survey results are not satisfactory. This is also one of the unfavorable factors for brand building

if coating enterprises try to replace "manufacturing center" with "service center", it is expected to bring rapid appreciation to the industrial chain and a more pleasant consumption experience to consumers. Only by focusing on customers and consumers can we win the market. "High quality products + high quality services" will help to improve the brand image and improve the satisfaction of consumers and customers

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