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Professional customized cad/cam shoe mold system

the trend of sports shoes has not only attached importance to shape design and popularity, but also function and comfort. Especially for the sole, the major brand-name sports shoe manufacturers have spared no effort to invest in R & D and innovation

therefore, the sole mold factory is facing the needs of free-form surface changes of shoe shape, shortening the product life cycle, and improving quality; In order to meet the market demand, it is bound to greatly improve the design and manufacturing technology of sole mold

as a professional cad/cam/re software development company, silver carefully analyzed and studied the mold making problems faced by the shoe mold industry. As early as 2002, silver launched an innovative technology for professional development and mass production of complete shoe sole mold models tailored to the shoe mold industry. In terms of grading, IP die reduction, processing path planning, model design change, etc., provide the best solution for sole mold, so as to shorten the mold delivery time and improve the quality of shoe mold industry. Because the system is easy to import and has significant benefits, it has been trusted and affirmed by many shoe mold manufacturers

sole complete solution - shoe mold cad/cam system

the 3D cad/cam technology of sole mold is the technical core of footwear products, and the technical requirements and degree of specialization are quite high, but the past cad/cam system has been unable to meet the needs of shoe mold manufacturing and development

in view of the fact that cad/cam system suppliers have been unable to break through the layers of restrictions on their understanding of the manufacturing process of the shoe industry in the past, silver technology is determined to invest in this field and take "professional customization" as the goal, integrate relevant industrial knowledge into the cad/cam system, and develop a complete shoe solution

assistant manager Liu of the mold business department of Baocheng group said, "at this stage, the market demand for shoe mold cad/cam focuses on shortening staff training time and production cycle, so as to achieve the effect of rapid manufacturing and preemptive listing, and ensure that all work measures and requirements are implemented, which is the key to market success."

the design direction of the professional system of sole model is to standardize and simplify the operation, so that the operation can be completed in one or two steps, unlike any work that needs to be done step by step when using the universal system; In addition, because other parts of the process are connected in series to build an automatic operation process, the operation engineer does not need to spend time on training, as long as he follows the instructions. In other words, the introduction of sole mold professional system can greatly shorten the learning time and operation steps of personnel, and help manufacturers save the time of processing, manufacturing and management

complete shoe solution is a professional development and mass production system of complete sole mold model independently developed by silver. It is completely customized and developed for the functions required by customers (Figure 1). The design of the software is easy to learn and use, and silver technology provides the most complete education and training services, which can enable the industry to go online in the fastest and shortest time

figure 1:cad/cam shoe mold manufacturing process

its solutions include shoewizard - fast grading, replacewizard - simple design change, evamagician - precision die reduction, and shoecam - intelligent path planning. The following will be introduced one by one

shoe Wizard - rapid grading system

the CAD model of the sole has a free-form surface and is composed of many objects considering the shape and functionality, such as: medium 10. Deformation measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% insole, outsole, ejection film, air bag, etc. When a single size model is confirmed to produce models of various sizes, there are specific adjustment and locking requirements, such as: the meat thickness should be fixed and consistent, the thickness of the side wall should be fixed and consistent, the special shape should be maintained, and the accessories should be shared by sections. It takes a lot of time and manpower to repair the full head 3D CAD establishment; In addition, due to complex operations, the quality of 3D models of each number is unstable, which makes it quite difficult to quickly complete the mass production of full number 3D models

shoewizard is a system specially used for grading work (Figure 2). After completing the standard size sole CAD model, set the relevant size parameters and set the specified change mode, and then automatically generate a full size 3D model from a single size, which can greatly shorten the grading work schedule

Figure 2: comparison diagram of traditional manufacturing process and shoewizard fast level

release process

shoewizard guides the operator to use the shoewizard in the way of process toolbar. After selecting the object, set the parameters, select the level release size and set the specified changes, and automatically generate the full head 3D model after locking. Just follow the toolbar step by step, and you can quickly complete the grading work

the sole molding process is the most time-consuming and difficult work faced by the footwear industry at present, because the sole mold involves the technical process of precision mold manufacturing. Shoewizard solves the problems of the existing industry. With its locking function specially designed for the development of sole mold, it makes the grading work easier and more accurate, so as to meet the needs of the shoe mold industry with fast and mass production. In terms of the effect of implementation, it can produce the greatest economic benefits, such as the consistency of product quality and the significant reduction of process time (Table 1)

Table 1: overall time comparison table

replace Wizard - simple replacement system

the model of sole mold is often modified due to designer's design changes, last replacement, and consideration of process/accessory requirements before determining mass production. When dealing with general CAD system, it is necessary to modify and adjust the curve or surface, so engineers must spend a lot of manpower and time on the modification work

replace wizard is a system required for the design change of sole mold, which can complete the replacement operation quickly and accurately, and meet the adjustment required from product design to mold manufacturing. After replacing the die curve and setting the relevant locking conditions and auxiliary lines, the system automatically performs the actions of replacement (Fig. 3 and 4), locking and smoothness between the surface, quickly realizing the demand of design change, greatly reducing the modification time, and improving the correctness and quality of model modification

Figure 3. Feature replacement Figure 4. Die line replacement

eva Magician - precision die reduction system

eva material has the characteristics of light weight and good shock absorption, and it can be mass produced by shooting, so that EVA is widely used in the part of the midsole of the sole. The foaming characteristics and injection forming environment of EVA material need to be effectively controlled when making EVA mold. If the elastomer used in the plastic composite cover for large volume injection cannot be maintained at 121 ℃± 2 ℃ for 30min, the process is complex and difficult to control. In the past, model construction required manual calculation of foaming ratio, and relevant personnel such as 2D and 3D design needed repeated communication and cooperation to check, adjust, or reconstruct

usually, the first set of mold is only for trial mold, and then according to the test results, repair the mold or make the mold again, and accumulate EVA mold development experience from mistakes. However, there are many variables that affect the development of EVA mold, and cross unit coordination is not easy, the development time is lengthy, and the probability of completing the mold at one time is low, resulting in a very high mold development cost

Figure 5: EVA magician operation flow chart

shopcam - Intelligent cam system

in the process of shoe mold processing, the path planning of shoe mold can be said to be quite complex, mainly because the wood mold has the relationship between free-form surface modeling and complex pattern design at the bottom, front, heel, inner and outer waist. Shoe mold processing is generally completed by three axes and five sides, and the design of tool path will affect the processing time and quality of shoe mold. In addition to the work of general path planning, it is also necessary to set the sensitive line, limit line and other settings for the application of such converters on all surfaces, which leads to a long time spent in repeated and complicated setting work. Therefore, the traditional shoe mold processing often relies on experienced engineers, resulting in a high degree of personnel dependence. Once the experienced engineers are lost, it will cause great trouble for manufacturers

Figure 6: Shoe cam operation flow chart

shopcam is a system that can quickly and simplify the generation of three-axis five sided tool path, and standardize and automate the shoe mold processing process in the system. Further functions are strengthened in the operation interface, tool setting, rough machining, scrap analysis, scrap machining, finishing, and path (system comparison is shown in Table 2). Especially in the operation interface, it has simplified option settings, which is easy to learn and operate. As long as "one button" can complete the tool path planning of shoe mold processing

Table 2: comparison between shoe mold special system shoecam and general universal CAM software

future trend of cad/cam

for the bottleneck of universal cad/cam: CAD surface construction and operation are complicated, and the quality of each head model after grading is inconsistent; The cam setting operation is complicated and the manufacturing time is long; Therefore, it is necessary to train professional cad/cam personnel for a long time. For this reason, silver has continuously made innovative research, integrated sole molding process and professional knowledge with advanced 3D computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, and developed complete special functions for the shoe industry to meet the needs of today's complex sole design and various shoes

the automatic operation process constructed by complete shoe solution enables the full-size wooden formwork to be completed within 2 weeks, effectively shortening the manufacturing time. Coupled with the humanized operation interface design, it is simple and easy to learn. It can quickly cultivate professionals in the footwear industry, and can be introduced into the online use within 2 weeks, not to worry about personnel flow and technology inheritance. The development direction of cad/cam software in the future will be the trend towards customer-oriented customized systems, emphasizing whether the "design, manufacturing, testing" process can be effectively operated and whether the functions are complete. (end)

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