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Product display: overview of new equipment in corrugated box industry (II)

5 Laser engraving plate making

laser engraving plate making technology is a new method of flexographic printing plate making. The printing quality of flexographic printing with laser engraving has made a qualitative leap. Laser engraving plate making not only has high speed and precision, but also can realize seamless continuous plate making. It can carve ideal plates for rubber plate, flexible plate, resin plate, ceramic tile stick, etc

Dongguan Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is an earlier company engaged in laser engraving production in China. Since it officially launched its products into the market in 2001, it has continuously made technological improvements, improved the rapid edge hooking function and camera positioning function, and increased the engraving speed by more than ten times, which is determined to be more accurate. With the help of the main control board built by the latest DSP technology and imported motors, the engraving speed has reached 60m/min, becoming the highest speed in China at present, close to the engraving speed of similar foreign products. With the great popularity of flexographic printing, laser engraving will also get more applications and perfect technology

6. Liquid flexo

because the paper component of liquid flexo material is high viscous resin, it is also called liquid flexo resin version. Liquid flexible resin plate has better cohesion than the existing anjianneng perforated spray foam insulation products with its unique excellent new products. It is widely used in corrugated box printing in Europe, America, Japan and Australia, and accounts for half of the corrugated box applications in Southeast Asian countries. The liquid flexible resin plate is washed with water solvent, which is pollution-free, environmentally friendly, and the cost is lower than that of the solid version. The affinity for water on the surface of the printing plate is much higher than that of the solid plate, and the ink transfer effect is better. The paper time of liquid version is about 1.5 hours, while that of solid version is more than 3.5 hours

the application rate of liquid flexible digital paperboard in China is not high compared with that in foreign countries. So far, there are only a few liquid photosensitive resin paperboard machines in China. However, from the perspective of environmental protection and increasing the self-interest of enterprises, with the passage of time, it will be a general trend for liquid photosensitive resin flexible plate making to replace solid flexible plate making

7. Corrugated machine conveyor belt

at the 2005 China International Exhibition, we saw the ondulvit 1F anti-skid belt brought by brique company of France. This kind of belt for visiting China is aimed at the slip phenomenon on the high-speed line. In particular, it adopts a coating with high friction coefficient and heat resistance, which can ensure that any shift on the high-speed line will not slip. Therefore, the benefits are obvious: reduce downtime; Production is not limited by paper conditions; On the crosscutting and slitting machine, the cutting length is more accurate; Keep the lower belt clean and free of indentation on other processing lines. This can completely change the design of the tension section or cold section of the production line, such as designing a machine with fewer pressure rollers to make FCT better; Design short machines, reduce manufacturing costs and save space; Get the perfect tension to make the cardboard size accurate and the cardboard does not slip

at present, some advanced manufacturers in the world have applied this kind of belt to the new double-sided machine and achieved unexpected success

8. Wrinkle roll cleaning technology

the advanced wrinkle roll cleaning concept "thixo facial mask cleaning" has become the protagonist of this year's wrinkle roll cleaning technology. The principle of this technology is to use high-pressure granular high-concentration oxygen carbonate for long-term storage or convenient operation of workers, and then inject it into the ejector. After fully automatic distribution and mixing of compressed air, the concentrated elements begin to decompose. When spraying, the oxygen carbonate will quickly oxidize the ink into organic matter when it contacts the ink on the roller, so the independent molecular structure of the material is easy to fall off

this technology is characterized by rapid cleaning and low cost; It can reduce the shutdown time; Dry decontamination can be operated directly on the production line; Thixo element vaporizes instantly during injection, without residue and secondary pollution; Do not hurt ceramics and metals; Harmless to human body; Simple and safe operation. At present, Guangzhou norun Industrial Materials Co., Ltd. has introduced this technology to the domestic market

9. High speed paper receiving machine

high speed and efficiency is the direction that carton enterprises are pursuing in disguised form of low cost under the circumstances of cost increase and profit decline in recent years. The paper receiving speed of BSH sp-x can be stabilized at 350m/min, because the double control of BSH can preset the paper tension under all operating conditions and modes, so as to avoid the formation of waste paper when reaching extreme tension. At the same time, the high-quality serrated knife can ensure the smooth cutting of old paper webs, and the bonding system can ensure the safe paper receiving of new paper webs, making the reliability of paper receiving more than 99%. It only needs 60mm to connect the paper head at the end of the zero paper, which can avoid unnecessary waste when connecting the paper, reduce the shutdown of the tile line and the occurrence of quality problems, and ensure the stable high production speed and the high cardboard quality of the whole production line. At present, it is reliable to ensure continuous operation and improve the average production output and paperboard quality; Base paper suitable for all grades of gram weight (80g/㎡ ~ 440 g/㎡); Ensure that the existing tile line can be embedded smoothly

at the same time, Qingdao micron SSP series launched 150m/min and 180m/min paper receiving speeds according to the domestic situation to meet the operation needs of more than 80% of the domestic paperboard production lines. Its accurate speed tracking and control are very important to the success rate of paper receiving of the breakable base paper. The very gentle tension change in the paper receiving process makes the breakable base paper with low tension level can also be used safely, The abandonment of those impractical functions and indicators reflects the customer-friendly design concept, which greatly reduces the purchase cost and use cost. Reduce the loss of base paper, reduce production energy consumption, tension automatic control, and realize the whole process control of high-speed paper receiving PLC

10. Equalizer

automatic packaging production line has increasingly strict requirements on the dimensional accuracy of cartons. Once the accuracy fails to meet the standard required by the automatic production line, production will be seriously affected. The dicar equilibrium period presented at the 2005 China International corrugation exhibition provided an excellent solution. 1. Requirements for scratch resistance: the equalizer is sleeved on the bearing sleeve. No matter how the diameter of the primer pad changes, the bearing can slide freely on the bottom drum, so that the surface speed of the primer pad is completely controlled by the knife mold, so that the die-cut carton is completely consistent with the shape of the knife mold, becoming the second largest metal material used in the current industry, next to steel

the main progress made by the equalizer in controlling the size of cartons is that it does not need the involvement of the operator, and it does not need the operator to adjust the rotation speed of the drum regularly, but it is automatically adjusted by the equalizer. Based on this, when running multiple versions or sets of cutting dies at one time, there will be no difficulty in looking after the first and the last

because the linear speed of the upper and lower rollers is completely the same, the tension on the primer pad is reduced, which prolongs the service life of the primer pad. In addition, the diameter of the cutter die and the diameter of the primer pad need not be consistent, so that the entry point of each roller knife can be evenly moved on the primer pad, that is, it does not fall at the same point every time, and the wear of the primer pad is very average, with a longer service life. Its practical application has proved that the service life of the bottom rubber pad on the equalizer can be extended by more than 30%. The replacement of the base rubber pad of the dicar equalizer is very convenient, which only takes 5 minutes, and the downtime saved is also considerable

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