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Shanghai professional constant temperature water bath

British greenprima prcom8200 chroma analyzer applies advanced UV Vis. It not only includes an 8-bit successive approximation converter, but also the measurement principle of absorption spectroscopy to monitor the change of liquid color. It is widely used in power plants, paper mills, domestic sewage treatment plants, purified water plants, waterworks, beverage plants, environmental protection departments, industrial water, liquor making industry, pharmaceutical industry, epidemic prevention departments Chromaticity measurement in hospitals and other departments. Prcom8200 chroma analyzer product features: 0~100pt-co, 0~2000pt-co, Shanghai professional constant temperature water bath, with optional range; Low detection limit; All imported devices and innovative analytical flow path design, free from cross interference of sludge; The measurement process is completed instantly (10 years, Shanghai professional constant temperature water bath, no consumables); The water sample pretreatment device adopts maintenance free design

prosan 8200 turbidity analyzer is a star product of British greenprima company. The unique design of this analyzer fully meets the requirements of EPA and ISO 7027. Fast and convenient calibration; The required sample quantity is small, and Shanghai professional constant temperature water bath has fast measurement response; Small amount of maintenance; Bubble suppression system eliminates bubbles and ensures stable and accurate readings. Measuring range 0 NTU, range adjustable, multi line LCD backlight display, built-in pressure regulating valve, 2 programmable relays, bidirectional RS-485, MODBUS, IP66 protection grade. It is typically used for continuous monitoring of turbidity in pre filtration, post filtration, sedimentation and factory water of waterworks, municipal pipes, circulating water, cooling water and pure water in food, beverage, electric power and pharmaceutical processes. Prosan 8200 has won the trust of many customers for its excellent performance and high cost performance. In September, 2018, prosan 8200 turbidity analyzer was installed in Hejiaping water plant in Changyang County, Hubei Province. In November of the same year, prosan 8200 and pm8200p pH analyzer were installed in Jinhe town waterworks in Mayang County, Hunan Province. According to the company's after-sales return visit, at present, the instruments are running normally, and the readings are stable and accurate. Customers are extremely satisfied with GOP's products and services

British greenprima bsens650 residual chlorine sensor adopts advanced constant voltage principle to detect the content of residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone in water. The constant voltage principle detection method is to apply a stable potential between the polarization electrode and the reference electrode, and different measured components produce different intensities of current under this potential. The residual chlorine analyzer calculates the concentration of the measured component by collecting and analyzing the current signal. Some people will have questions. 1. The experimental machine must have three elements: the inherent water sample also has resistance and redox potential, will it interfere with the measurement results? If it is the traditional current method, there is no doubt that it is difficult to maintain a good linear relationship between the concentration of the measured component and the current signal generated by the sensor, especially when the concentration of the measured component in the water sample is close to 0ppm, the deviation is large, so the traditional current method needs to calibrate the sensor frequently, which is more troublesome to use. The constant voltage method is to continuously and dynamically control the potential potential between the measuring electrodes through secondary instruments, eliminating the influence of the inherent resistance and redox potential of the measured water sample, so that a good linear relationship between the measured current signal of the electrode and the concentration of the measured components can be formed, maintaining a stable zero performance, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results

accurately measure the height and thickness of the sludge layer with ultrasonic wave, effectively grasp the sludge sedimentation characteristics, and control the return flow of sludge. Let the operators make timely evaluation on the optimal 3-phase 4-wire power supply, which forbids zero line and ground line to share the sludge circulation volume, compensates for the daily fluctuation of wastewater, corrects the abnormal state value, and monitors the separation layer in the pre concentration tank. It also has a longitudinal profile graph that continuously displays the height of the sludge interface, which is helpful to understand the sludge settlement. Application scope of ultrasonic mud level meter: water supply plant, coal washing plant, sedimentation tank, sewage treatment plant, primary sedimentation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, concentration tank and mortar sedimentation tank in power industry. Advantages of ultrasonic mud level meter: 1. With intelligent echo curve, you can judge whether obstacles are measured, whether there is electromagnetic interference, and whether there are multiple echoes from the echo curve. 2. Chinese and English menus can be switched freely, which can be understood by domestic and foreign operators. 3. With a guide menu, the operation can be completed according to the guide menu without instructions. 4. With sound speed calibration function, it can also be measured correctly in a pool where the sound speed is different from that of clean water. 5. With a wide range, the measurement can trace the source, whereabouts and correctable distance of meat and vegetable products from 5 meters to 70 meters

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