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Deliberately buying fake and shoddy goods "professional beating Dummies" extort 100000 a year

according to the labor daily, he specially picked up goods with unknown packaging and turned around to report to the Administration for Industry and commerce, so as to extort money from merchants. Half a month ago, Mr. Yang, who opened a supermarket in Songjiang, encountered two professional dummies. After a series of investigations, Songjiang Public Security Bureau recently arrested two suspect who deliberately bought fake and shoddy goods to extort money from merchants

half a month ago, two men bought 10000 yuan of rice in Mr. Yang's shop. When Mr. Yang sent the rice to the designated place, the two men reported to the industry and Commerce Department on the grounds that the rice packaging did not comply with the relevant legal provisions. It turned out that the rice package and even the indispensable equipment sent by Mr. Yang were not marked with production date, nutritional composition and other information, and the QS label (i.e. the enterprise food production license mark) had also expired, violating the relevant provisions of the food safety law. According to the policy, consumers can not only sue to the court to safeguard their rights and interests, but also face huge losses of one refund and ten fines

Mr. Yang found the two men and hoped that the other party could withdraw the report, and promised to return the goods and compensate for all losses. But they claimed that they would have to pay 30000 yuan in order to calm down. Mr. Yang reported the case to the police station. After investigation, the police found that the two people had bought fake and inferior products many times, and many plastic materials that met the green packaging could not be used in a large area. 1. The problem of using according to the magnification required for inspecting samples; Experience of reporting to the industrial and commercial department after developing advanced packaging technology such as intelligence. Moreover, every time they report, they will find businesses and ask for huge amounts of money. So far, they have illegally collected nearly 100000 yuan

at present, suspect he and Xu have been criminally detained by the police according to law

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