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Saudi equipment rainbow 4 was shot down, and China launched a new type of UAV to appear in the air show

recently, the days of the search and strike integrated UAV are far less nourishing than before. Since the Houthi armed forces in Yemen successively shot down the American MQ-9 "God of death" and the Chinese made "rainbow-4" chada-1 equipped by Saudi Arabia. 4. The specified working temperature is 10~40 ℃, otherwise the viscosity of the gear oil is too large or too small, which is harmful to all normal working medium-sized UAVs, recently, the Taliban in Afghanistan released a group of photos of the wreckage on the social networking site, saying that it shot down a large American UAV. From the details of the wreckage and the agm-114 "Hellfire" missile it carries, the aircraft is the main U.S. combat drone MQ-9 "God of death"

the picture shows the wreckage of the "God of death" drone after it was shot down, with large propellers and agm-114 missiles clearly visible

it is indeed necessary to speed up the industrialization and wide-ranging utilization of new material and technological achievements. Frankly speaking, it is not a very surprising result for the Yemeni husai armed forces to shoot down the large-scale inspection and strike integrated UAV, because the Yemeni husai armed forces inherit the general strength of the tribal armed forces sent by the former Northern Yemeni government, and do not lack air defense weapons that can hit high altitude. And before that, they also wounded/shot down the Saudi Air Force's "gale" attack aircraft and F-15s fighter, which is expected to beat down the "rainbow-4". However, the Taliban, which has been suppressed by the United States for nearly two decades, can shoot down MQ-9 "God of death" even when it is almost impossible to have large air defense weapons. This may be enough to illustrate a fact: the days of the unlimited scenery of the traditional search and strike drones are coming to an end

the picture shows the MQ-1 predator, the first generation of search and strike integrated UAV, which has just retired from the U.S. air force this year

since its emergence in the early 1990s, large-scale search and combat integrated UAVs have been a hot topic for all countries. Take the attack-2 in active service of the Chinese air force as an example. While carrying ground to ground missiles, the function cruises for 20 hours at an altitude of 9000 meters over the theater. As long as this aircraft can realize continuous monitoring/attack on small theater, it can be described as a nightmare for the enemy on the ground. At the same time, the high flying altitude makes it difficult for portable ground to air missiles, small anti-aircraft guns and other weapons to hurt it

however, there is no doubt that the combat examples of the Taliban and the Hussein armed forces have successively shown that the search and strike drone is becoming the target

the picture shows the "rainbow-4" UAV equipped by Iraq. The proliferation of the inspection and combat integrated UAV has intensified the research and development process of countermeasures

in short, although the check and hit one UAV is "stupid", it is not so easy to deal with it on the premise of visual discovery: "accessible and locked" is a necessary premise. In other words, Hussein armed forces achieved "lockdown" by transforming air-to-air missiles, and then "reachable" by adding boosters to them, and finally successfully shot down the Chinese and American inspection and combat integrated UAVs. What is certain is that the warlords in the Middle East who have been suffering from drones for a long time will certainly spread this technology

the picture shows the "rainbow-7" stealth search and strike integrated UAV displayed by aerospace technology at the Zhuhai Air Show

in this case, making the ground UAV "unable to lock" or "out of reach" has become the key direction for the continued development of the search and strike integrated UAV. At the Zhuhai Air Show, as the founder of the "Rainbow" series of UAVs, aerospace science and technology group presented a rather surprising answer sheet: the "rainbow-7" stealth search and strike integrated UAV using the flying wing layout and the embedded bomb compartment

the picture shows a close-up of the lower abdomen of the "rainbow-7" UAV, showing its folding landing gear storage compartment and bomb compartment

compared with other search and strike integrated models of the "Rainbow" series, "rainbow-7" not only adopts the flying wing layout, but also greatly strengthens the radar stealth design of the downward part. This move is obviously to make the ground radar station and the simple air defense system "unable to lock it 2. Force measurement range: 2% ⑴ 00%fs; live", And thus endow it with higher battlefield vitality in complex environment: even if the enemy air defense missile operator can visually find "rainbow-7", the missile still cannot lock it, which is equivalent to useless

in general, after the "Rainbow" and "God of death" of customers were shot down respectively, China's UAV industry quickly came up with solutions to face new threats, while the United States is still promoting MQ-9 and its derivatives "guard" all over the world. In terms of industry dedication and competitive mentality, Americans should really learn from their Chinese counterparts. (author's signature: sharp blade/to)

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