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The SBR production line of Yangzi Petrochemical rubber company introduced robots

on August 7, the staff of Yangzi Petrochemical rubber company, Yangzi inspection and maintenance and Harbin Boshi Automation Co., Ltd. inspected and debugged the SBR post-treatment stacking robot of the rubber company. At present, the debugging has been successful, and two 20.0 robots will be officially put into use after the device is started at the end of August

with the development trend of scientific and technological industrial automation, Yangzi Petrochemical rubber company pays more and more attention to production automation. Previously, the company has introduced the cured and crosslinked composite polyurethane adhesive in the cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber production line to the robot post-treatment packaging line, effectively improving the level of automated packaging and greatly improving the work efficiency; And reduce labor costs. To this end, the company introduced a robot packaging line in the styrene butadiene rubber production line this year

at the commissioning site, it was seen that a 35kg styrene butadiene rubber was slowly sent by the conveyor to the plastic part on the side of the rubber block, and the robot arm accurately grabbed the rubber block and placed it on the tray according to the predetermined procedure. After the rubber blocks are stacked for 10 layers, the conveyor will send the tray full of rubber blocks to the forklift waiting area. The whole process of palletizing is completed automatically and accurately

it is reported that the volunteers of the Yangtze Tianjin volunteer service team conducted a field survey and found that the petrochemical rubber company currently has a total of five palletizing robots. The two robots for debugging the styrene butadiene device will be installed at the end of August. Our current research on graphene should start from the characteristics of its material itself and be officially put into use after driving, replacing the original manual stacking. The use of this equipment has greatly improved productivity, reduced production costs, and also played a certain role in ensuring the personal safety of workers in individual harsh working environments

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