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Savita 600 ton float glass production line successfully ignited

the overall engineering design and contracting of the main section of the melting furnace tin bath undertaken by lobo, most of the products belong to the Mediterranean float glass production line of measuring instruments, which was successfully ignited on July 8th, 2007 local time

this 600 ton float glass production line is a project invested by Algeria cevital (sevita) Company and supported by Lobo. It is the crystallization of sincere cooperation between the two sides and a leading step in Lobo's implementation of international development strategy. In July, 2003 and November, 2004, contracts for overall engineering design and contracting of furnace tin bath were signed respectively. In July, 2005, engineering and technical personnel of Lobo entered the site, and the tin bath of the furnace was started in March, 2006. The engineering and technical personnel and construction personnel participating in the construction carried forward the enterprise spirit of unity and hard work, and overcame the difficulties of being far away from home, being unable to speak with Afghan personnel and in the construction process. With careful design and construction, the ignition conditions have been met. The whole project construction received the attention and support of the leaders of the group company and its subsidiaries, as well as the attention of the Algerian government. On May 28, 2007, the president of Algeria personally inspected the construction site of the float line

the ignition kiln marks the end of the construction stage of the hydraulic pressure testing machine function introduction of the 600 ton floating glass production line of savita, and enters the stage of putting into production. The factory adopts the earliest customized design, mold, testing and processing expertise of high-temperature polymer to manufacture various key components. All the technicians and employees of Lobo Engineering Co., Ltd. who participated in the Construction said that they should work together to tackle key problems, meet new challenges and complete the tasks assigned by the company with the support of the whole group company

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