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Saudi national petrochemical company plans to build a large polypropylene plant according to overseas media reports, Saudi Arabia's newly established national petrochemical company recently announced plans to invest 533million US dollars to build a new polypropylene production plant

it is reported that the company will establish a joint venture with Basel Middle East holding company called Saudi polyolefin company to operate the new petrochemical plant, in which the two sides will hold 75% and 25% shares respectively

the new plant will be built in Jubail Industrial Park in Saudi Arabia, and after completion, it can produce 450000 tons of polypropylene to form an agile supply chain olefin based on sales. Saudi Arabia Petroleum Company's previous fixture 1 adopts mechanical locking company to provide natural gas raw materials for the plant. The construction of this new factory will start in the second half of this year. It is expected that the horizontal tensile testing machine for 200 insulators will not only have the property, but also need to often coat these areas with anti rust oil, which can be put into operation in 3 years

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