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The significance and current development of printing special paper

the significance and current development of printing special paper

printing special paper, as the name suggests, is a printing paper with special purposes, which can also be understood as a printing paper with special structure and characteristics. For example: for information, culture and art, certificates, anti-counterfeiting, banknotes, etc., as long as it is used for special purposes, all can be collectively referred to as printing special paper. Because of its special use, it must have special structure, characteristics and functions

the significance of the adoption of printing special paper is that human beings can fully provide application products and solutions for some special fields with paper technology, which is the inevitable result of the continuous development of market economy and human technology. Technology and products are more refined, segmented and personalized. Therefore, its personalized trend is more and more obvious

with the continuous introduction of new printing special paper products, color has broadened people's vision and changed people's views on traditional paper. Raw materials are no longer limited to plant fibers. Non plant fibers (such as inorganic fibers and synthetic fibers) have been applied, and the combination of plant fibers and synthetic materials has been applied. In terms of functions, new combination printing has also been continuously introduced, such as copy word paper, copy blackened paper, fragile synthetic paper, safety thread paper, watermark paper, etc

however, we also note that the development of special printing paper also faces difficulties, such as high administrative threshold, large capital investment, high equipment requirements, and great technical difficulties. At the same time, many printing special paper has narrow application and small demand

at present, the output of domestic printing special paper is very low, and the cost and market demand are also gradually developing. Moreover, due to the wide range of applications, high performance and added value of printing special paper, the domestic small and medium-sized paper mills that produce printing special paper lack the innovation ability of technology and products, and the technical cooperation with scientific research institutions is not very close, which makes the development of printing special paper in China still have certain obstacles

printing specialty paper production enterprises should make appropriate production planning and move towards the direction of product transformation and technology development. It is believed that a good space for the survival and development of domestic printing specialty paper industry can be established

disadvantages of printing special paper

first, the price is relatively expensive. Ordinary embossing paper is much more expensive than the same kind of paper with the same quantity, so customers can't afford to print special albums with embossing paper in large quantities due to price factors, so it is generally only used for the design and printing of covers or important materials

second, most special printing papers have good absorption and strong penetration, but due to uneven lines, the ink penetrates into the gap during printing, especially the large-area field version packaging and printing, which is difficult to dry and easy to get dirty. When printing four-color overprinted figure images, the tone is relatively dull. When encountering the situation that the optimizer of consumer assay spring testing machine who doesn't like soft tone doesn't understand why the color of the product printed by printing special paper is not bright enough, when printing with printing special paper, we must communicate the printing effect with customers to avoid unnecessary losses

third, when printing with colored printing special paper, it should be noted that the surface of dark printing special paper cannot print four-color images. Only printing inks with metallic luster or spot color can be printed, such as gold, silver, spot color, etc. For example, when printing four-color eye tone images on the surface of light tone printing special paper such as light beige, light green, light blue, light pink, etc., there will be color bias. Generally, the tone will be biased towards the color of the paper surface. Therefore, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality must be comprehensively considered in the design. Do not use colored paper to print eye-catching images. However, if you can correctly use the works designed by printing special paper of different styles and colors, there will be unexpected special effects, which will make your works icing on the cake and add a lot of color

development prospect of printing special paper

from the above overview, we have a general understanding of the style and application of printing special paper

it is certain that the special application of paper is becoming more and more obvious, the performance is becoming more and more perfect and sharp, and the application field is becoming more and more refined. It is one of the key areas for countries to compete for development and innovation. With broad development prospects, anti-counterfeiting printing and considerable benefits, it is worth investing in the development of electronic appliances that require strict wear resistance, flame retardancy and antistatic properties in enterprises and institutions under various systems. At the same time, we should also see that the development of domestic printing special paper in various fields is not balanced, which is greatly affected by economic strength and market acceptance. The future development prospect is not a broad one

the future trend of printing special paper, in my personal opinion, lucky two glue has the following characteristics:

1. Because of its technicality and monopoly, safety printing special paper will take the lead and be widely used in anti-counterfeiting, security, banknote printing, tickets, certificate certification and many other fields

2. The demand for special printing paper in other industries will increase with the increase of business demand, and various paper mills and paper R & D institutions will compete to establish projects and research, develop metal packaging, and apply; And in-depth cooperation with customers

3. With the integration of international and domestic markets, China will be able to see more foreign technologies and products and appreciate more international market experience, which will certainly promote the development and market refinement of domestic paper industry

4. The demand for paper has slowed down and been restrained to a certain extent due to the requirements of environmental protection, but the issue of waste paper recycling and recycling has always been a priority for the government and the people. Therefore, the recycling technology has broad prospects

5. The price and printing of various printing special papers currently in use, but this greatly requires the inspection experience of users. The brush adaptability will continue to improve with the increase of demand and the improvement of technology

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