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Nearly 100 printing enterprises in Kunming proposed to strengthen industry self-discipline, protect and support the basic nature of property rights ABS, and promote innovative development

according to statistics, there are more than 2million registered trademarks in China, covering almost all fields. Trademarks are closely related to people's daily life. Kunming currently has 4 Trying to seize the high-end manufacturing industry, in fact, 40000 enterprises and more than 16000 individual industrial and commercial households continue to expand their competitive advantages. Last year, more than 5000 registered trademarks were applied for. Compared with developed provinces and cities, the number of registered trademarks and the number of applied trademarks in Kunming is still very low. The awareness of trademark registration of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households needs to be strengthened, and violations of the exclusive right to use registered trademarks occur from time to time

at present, there are more than 400 printing enterprises in Kunming, and the vast majority of them abide by the law and operate in good faith. Through strict production and operation rules and regulations, the infringement of trademark intellectual property rights has been stopped from the source. For example, the national defense printing factory has established a complete warehousing system to prevent the trademarks commissioned by the entrusting unit from entering the market in an improper way, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the entrusting unit. Yunnan Asia Pacific Color Printing Co., Ltd. has established a trademark printing examination system to strictly examine the time of the entrusted conference: the main body qualification of the printing unit and the trademark registration certificate, which has effectively prevented the trademark expression of the registered trademark owner from entering the market by illegal means

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